All I Want For Christmas Is Big Arms - 3 Ways To Take Your Gun Show To The Next Level!

If it was at all possible I think that bigger arms would be at the top of most of our wish lists come Christmas day! You can almost envisage it, a dubstep remix of Maria Carey’s ‘’All I want for Christmas’’ ending with ‘’is bigger arms’’ belting out of the speakers on TV. Unfortunately, no such wish can be granted therefore you have to settle for the next best thing! No, not a blow up muscle suit. Instead, you need to go back to the drawing board and see if you are committing one of the 3 most common crimes made with arm training. As you read on, you may well uncover the reason as to why your arms look no more intimidating to the sleeves of your t-shirt than they did 12 months ago!

Over training

Don’t worry, this isn’t where I rant on about the reasons over training holds you back in a general sense. It is far more specific in this instance simply because of the body part we are talking about, arms. It is very easy to over train your arms, in fact it is so easy you wouldn’t believe it! When you train chest your triceps do a lot of the work, and the same can be said for biceps when you train back. In fact, you could say after a chest and back workout your arms have also had a workout. So blasting for 40-60 minutes again a couple of days after could very easily lead to over training.

How do you avoid it? In my opinion, you should cycle your arm training to overcome this problem! One week, do very low volume with just one working set for biceps and one for triceps. Preload the muscles with 2 warm up sets per body part, but after that just hit them very hard with a controlled, ultra intense, high tension working set! That is all.

The next week, go for higher reps and focus on the contraction and keep rest periods to 60 seconds, no longer!

Finally, use the much loved DTP system to blitz them on week 3. What this does is afford your biceps and triceps more time to recover! In my opinion, an arm workout should never ever take more than 30 minutes to do, and in some cases as little as 15-20 minutes!

Poor form

Again, this is particularly the case for arms. Swing on bicep curls and you will draw your shoulders, back and legs into the equation. This may help your ego bulge with size but it certainly won’t do anything for your biceps. The same can be said for triceps extensions, where your traps in particular can take over if the weight is too heavy! If you are using poor form then there is no way the muscle fibres will contract, no contraction means no stress! Guess what that means? You got it, no growth! You could probably identify 10 gym clowns where you train who religiously swing the heaviest dumbbells for reps, but their arms still look like depleted celery sticks. That is why!

Lack of variation

This is directed towards the exercises you choose as well as the repetition range you use. Arms in general do respond well to high repetition training which is why I advised you do it above! It is key that you understand what certain exercise achieve for you as well! With biceps, it is imperative that you do some close grip curling to hit the outer head. Many people have poor outer bicep development and this is why, their training predominately hits their inner head. With triceps, many people fail to stimulate their long head! This is the head which gives that lovely horse shoe shape to the back of your arm! Do overhead extensions and close grip pushdowns to get this part of your triceps growing!

There are 3 top tips to breaking boundaries with your arm training! From my experience, you won’t go far wrong using these tips! Soon enough, you will have to register for a firearms certificate to legally own those guns my friend!

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