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With Christmas out of the way we are about to celebrate New Year, people! Loyal readers of FitMag will know we really advocate goal setting and believe in the benefits of writing down your goals! For most of the population, January the 1st is the very day where they write down their goals. Unfortunately, by the 7th most have already forgotten about them.

My tip to you this week is to write down your goals this weekend, but to remember to take action on them. Lets go one step further, you must constantly remain accountable for your actions and continuously relate back to the goals you write down this weekend!

If you want to get ripped by the end of March, write it down, and then get the relevant information off FitMag to achieve this goal and commit to it. At the end of March, will you be one of the few who achieve your New Year resolution or will you be one of the many talkers?

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