Adam Gethin's Recipe of the Week!

This week's recipe is all about making you feel healthy, strong and energised. After the Christmas break you often feel bloated, sick of food and you can also suffer with poor appetite! With that said, you need something which will get your taste buds into overdrive again and help your digestive system recover whilst being muscle friendly! Of course, I am talking about a new smoothie recipe, what else?

60g oats

1/2 banana

30g goji berries

70g of blueberries & raspberries

2 heaped tablespoons of vanilla pro-biotic yogurt

10 egg whites (from Egg Nation to ensure they are safe raw!!!)

1/2 glass of cranberry juice

1/2 glass of water


This smoothie is swimming with muscle building, fat busting, health booosting, immune supporting nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins! This really is a super smoothie if ever you saw one, oh and it tastes GREAT!

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