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With Christmas day just a moment away I am half tempted to share a good old home made recipe, but not the type you have become accustomed to. I was thinking more along the lines of focussing on taste and nothing else, but then I would not be doing my job! So here you go, a recipe which will certainly keep you anabolic over the festive period whilst tasting great at the same time!

200g grilled chicken breast broken up into chunks

Grilled aubergine, mushroom, tomato and 300g potato wedges (coat potato in extra virgin olive oil, season with a bit of sea salt and black pepper).

Stir fry red onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper and carrot with extra virgin olive oil.

Throw all of these ingredients together in a bowl, mix them up and get them down! This tastes amazing, your getting a huge cross-section of vitamins, minerals, EFAs and of course muscle building protein and complex carbs! Enjoy!

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