Adam Gethin's 2012 Stack for Mass!

Much like the excitement of Christmas, I have been really enthused by the prospect of ordering my new supplement stack for 2012 to kick-start my growth! With a transformation scheduled at the end of February, I have approximately 8 weeks to grow like a weed in super strong manure. Nice image huh? So I am guessing some of you guys may just be wondering what supplements I plan on using to make myself look like a mutated version of Popeye with bull strength!? Here are some of the supplements I will be using for the next weeks to make sure I grow like I never grew before, and to make sure by after photos in May make you go ‘’what the hell have you been doing??!!’’

PhD Whey Isolate HT+

This whey isolate protein blend from PhD really has impressed me and it isn’t very often one protein will stand out above the crowd. However, after PhD took their great Pharma Whey and made it better I was sold on the idea. Having used Whey HT+ for a short spell before Christmas, I am more right after bed I will be having two heaped scoops of Whey HT+! Oh, and I will be going for their vanilla flavour so I can enjoy it with my oats as well as in my fruity smoothies!

Reflex L-Glutamine                                           

Are you serious about adding mass? Then don’t skip L-Glutamine! The beauty of this product is that your rate of recovery is enhanced so drastically, therefore you are able to hold on to more lean muscle tissue. More than that, L-Glutamine really helps with muscle volumisation and keeps you anabolic! Every day, I will have 5g when I wake up, 5g before training, right after and before bed and so should you!

Gaspari BCAA 6000

As well as L-Glutamine you need to be taking on BCAAs! I cannot emphasise just how important BCAAs are to your progress! BCAAs help you remain anabolic, promote faster recovery and enable your body to produce 8 of the essential amino acids which it otherwise would struggle to manufacture! Every day I will take 4 tablets before breakfast, 4 tablets before training, right after and before bed! On leg day I will also have some before lunch!

Millennium Sport Technologies Cre-O2

Who wants to grow? Then you need MST Cre-O2 in your supplement stack! Until somebody releases a superior creatine supplement I will continue to harp on about the many benefits of this particular supplement, because it is that good! Ninety minutes before my workout I like to have 4-5 tablets to really get the benefits, and boy does it make a huge difference! This is a total MUST supplement for anybody who is serious, considering my strength goes up a comfortable 20% with this supplement floating through my blood!

Nutrex Volu-Grow

To make sure my muscle glycogen levels are constantly full I am using Nutrex Volu-Grow as used by IFBB Pro Zack Khan! Utilising the amazing carbohydrate Waxy Maize it helps replenish muscle glycogen speeds twice as fast as dextrose without such a drastic insulin spike! This is a must supplement in my book for muscle gaining!

PhD Growth Factor 50 Brownies & Sport Kitchen QSMs

To make sure I am eating enough protein through the day and not forced to skip a meal, I am hiring the services of two of the VERY best meal replacement options. The delicious PhD Growth Factor 50 brownies and the Sport Kitchen Quick Sport Meals! Both of these will really help me gain mass by the end of February that I have no doubt about!

So there you go the key supplements in my cupboard to help ensure I look mighty impressive come the end of my transformation.  Adding size is key, it is all part of the progression and I know these supplements will serve me well!

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