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As we are coming up to Christmas I imagine most of you will be eating and drinking a little extra than normal. For this reason we will need to do some workouts that are going to burn as many calories as humanly possible in each workout. Your gym may be open less than usual so you may only have a couple of days per week to train. We are therefore going to train every body part in fast circuit type routines.

Circuits are a fantastic way to burn calories, train both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, work different muscle fibres and gain fitness in all different areas.

So over the Christmas period give some of these circuits a go. You can try them all in one session or you can mix them up and choose different ones.

The key to circuits is to time each circuit right through and then try to beat it. Do all exercises and reps without stopping for time. Then rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat. Use the heaviest weight you can in order to train your muscles effectively but make sure that your style doesn’t suffer.

So here are the circuits to try this week:


For time: 5 rounds of:

Dumbbell 1 arm snatches x10 each arm

Dumbbell swings x10

Squat jumps x 10

Push up-jump burpees x 20

Push ups x10

2 min rest between rounds


For time: 5 rounds of:

Power clean-squat x10 into...

Thrusters x 5 into ...

Push press x5 into...

Deadlifts x15

3 min rest between rounds.

N.B. Long rest between rounds means lift heavy and try to progress weight each session use same bar for entire round.


For time: 5 rounds of:

Modified Nordic ham curls x 10 into...

Dumbbell bulgarian split squats x10 into...

Dumbbell step ups x10 into...

Box drop squats x 20.

2 min rest between rounds


For time:

50 dumbbell Thrusters with 25% of your bodyweight,


Jump on Box/step 50 times within 2 minutes,


Walking lunge of 50 steps with dumbbells at 25% of your bodyweight,


Run 1 mile

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