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For this week’s workout of the week we are going to batter our arms. Everyone loves a good arm workout and getting a monster pump in your biceps and triceps gives you one hell of a good feeling. We are going to mix up some different exercises to hit the arms from every angle. We are also going to work on different types of contractions and rep ranges.


As we have are in between Christmas and New Year I have a feeling that most people may not be training at full capacity at the moment. However this does not mean that you are going to get away with a nice easy session this week. This workout is hard on the system and even though you are only using relatively small body parts you will still feel pretty maxed out after this workout.

So lets get started. We won’t be super setting this time, but simply doing triceps then biceps. If you have weak biceps and strong triceps then you may swap this round. It won’t make a massive difference.


So the first exercise for the day to warm up triceps is decline smith machine close grip press – 3 x 6-8 reps


Close grip bench press is a great compound triceps exercise that is renowned for adding mass and strength to the triceps. I personally find it a bit awkward due to the wobble of the bar with the close grip lack of stability. For this reason I prefer the smith machine. However when on the smith machine I think it puts a lot of strain on the shoulders at the top of the rep. doing it decline puts more force through the triceps and takes the strain off the shoulders.


Cable pushdowns – chase the stack


With these we are not going to do normal sets and reps. We are going to do what I like to call chase the stack. It goes as follows: pick a weight that you could comfortably do about 15-20 reps with. With that weight do just 8 reps. Then put the weight up one increment. Wait 20 seconds then do another 8. Repeat this increase in weight until you get to a weight where you cant do 8 reps. When you reach this point have just 10 seconds rest and go to failure 3 times on that weight. After the last set to failure drop the weight down one increment then go to failure on that weight. Without having any rest period, drop the weight down again and go to failure. Do this all the way back to the starting weight. You are going to failure but I doubt you will be doing more than 10-12 reps on each weight due to fatigue and lactic acid.


Incline skullcrushers – 4 x 6-10reps


These are a fantastic exercise to hit all 3 heads of the triceps. Its great to use because it will stretch the triceps brilliantly at the top of the rep. stretching the triceps will help hit the long head more than any other exercise. You can do this with a straight bar but I think its more comfortable with an EZ bar.

On to biceps now.


We are going to start with something to get the blood out of the triceps and into the biceps. We need the oxygen in the muscles and the blood going there to transport nutrients needed to exercise. Your triceps pump will be pretty intense so it’s going to take a fair bit of volume to get the biceps pumped up.


Concentration curls – 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps each arm


This is the tool to bring on that huge bicep pump. We are going to start the workout with a light but intense exercise. Concentration curls are a brilliant isolation exercise for the biceps. Pick a relatively light weight (I use a 10kg dumbbell). You are going to do 50 reps with one arm, then straight away switch to the other, then do 50 reps with the other. Once this is done go straight back to the other arm and do 40 reps. You will do this all the way down to 10 reps with no rest period at all.


Heavy EZ bar curls – 3 x 4-6 reps


The video I have posted is with a straight bar but it shows what ‘cheat curl’ looks like. This is what I want you to do. Now I know you will say “that’s just bad form” but it isn’t. You aren’t doing strict bicep curls. What I want you to do is pick a weight about 20% heavier than you would usually use. Use a bit of body swing to get the bar to the top, then, unlike in the video, you will lower the weight eccentrically slowly under control.


Reverse grip preacher curls – 3 x 10-12 reps


We are going to finish off with reverse grip preacher curls. Reverse grip will hit the brachialis and brachioradialis more than regular supinated or hammer grip will. It’s a great forearm exercise and will hit the bicep from a totally different angle.


So there is the full arm workout. Give it a go and enjoy the pump.




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