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As we are now in the middle of winter and I don’t want to get cold I have decided it is wise to be a bit fat. For that reason I have eaten as much as possible and lifted the heaviest weights I can. I don’t obviously just want to be fat, but rather BIG. Most guys who train will do the usual bulk in winter and cut in summer. Gain as much mass over winter as possible whilst you have no reason to strip off in public. Then when summer comes you cut the fat, get your abs shredded and take your top off in front of as many people as possible. Or at least that is what I generally tend to do. So as we are now in winter as I so observantly pointed out earlier, I am on my bulk.


My bulk consists of 3 main things. Eat a lot! Lift the heaviest weights I can. Take supplements with the word ‘mass’ or ‘size’ or ‘grow’ in them. It’s a simple system but it works for me. Obviously point 3 was once again a joke (just incase anyone reading is a bit slow on the old sense of humour). In reality my supplement stack for bulking is quite well thought out. As I am eating a lot and trying to gain size I tend to go through quite a large volume of supplements so I need to choose carefully what I take to make sure that I am not wasting my money. I will list my supplements in order of importance so if you are strapped for cash just start buying from the top of the list and keep going until you run out of money.


So lets begin with my awesome mass stack:


1. Protein shake

Gaspari Myofusion


I don’t generally use mass gainers all that much due to the fact that I can get my carbohydrates cheaply from food so don’t see the need in buying a shake where you get 10 servings as opposed to 60 when the content is mainly sugary carbs. I would therefore rather get my protein from shakes and get the carbs from food.


2. Snacks

CNP pro-flapjack

PhD Growth factor 50


When bulking I need lots of calories so in between meals I snack on things like flapjacks and growth factor bars. The growth factor bars have 50g protein so is a great protein snack in between meals so that will aid in achieving my daily protein intake. Flapjacks are also a great snack for protein, low GI carbs and some good fats.


3. Post-workout drinks

PhD Recovery 2:1


Post workout is the most important time to have a protein shake. You are catabolic post-workout and therefore need an intake of amino acids. Fast acting protein like whey isolate is the best thing to get the amino acids into the muscle as fast as possible. Combining the fast acting protein with fast acting carbs will help as well due to the fact that the carbs will create an insulin response that will drag the amino acids into the muscle faster. PhD recovery 2:1 is a perfect supplement to get all of these things that you need post-workout.


4. Pre-workout drink

PhD V-max pump

USP labs Jack3d


Pre-workout drinks are a great addition to any supplement stack as they allow you to train to your maximum potential every session. Training hard is the only way to achieve your goals in training so going to the gym and doing a half-arsed session needs to be avoided at all costs. Pre-workout drinks are therefore very useful and important in my eyes.


5. Intra-workout Product

Millennium sport tec RPG


During workouts I like to have amino acids to help fuel my muscles with the amino acids needed to repair the muscles. MST RPG is the best, highest quality amino acid powder on the market.


6. Test booster

Millennium sport tec ZMK


I don’t normally use test boosters and these are just a happy extra if I have the money to spend. The MST ZMK is a great natural test booster and mineral complex. I do feel that it helps me sleep and my recovery always seems improved when I take it before bed so is a good product to have in my opinion.


So there is my supplement stack in full. This is what I generally use whilst bulking. Obviously combined with good diet and hard training.


So to everyone who is bulking over winter I wish you the best of luck and will update you with my supplements come summer, when it’s time to get lean.



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