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I have used many products in the past that I have thought to be very effective and useful to my training, however there are only a select few that I would say are so good that I had to tell everyone I can about how good they are. One of those select few supplements is phd diet whey. The diet whey is a product that was so vital to my dieting success this year that I genuinely don’t feel I could have got the same results without it.



I started an 8 week diet earlier this ear with the goal of getting below 10% body fat. I started off around 16% so it was by no means a simple task. When picking my supplements to use one of the first things that I needed to consider was what protein shake to use. There are so many out there that I could have chosen from. There are low carb options like reflex micro whey, there are really tasty options like gaspari myofusion, then there are the diet shakes like USN Diet whey ultralean and PhD Diet whey. I had tasted phd diet whey before and knew that I loved the taste. It had slightly higher carbohydrates and calories than the micro whey and other whey isolate shakes but I thought I would go for it.


The reasons I chose the diet whey are these:


  • Taste – the diet whey tastes amazing. There’s no way around the fact that diets are boring and generally foods that are ok on a diet do not taste all that great. The diet whey turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of my diet. It was the thing I would look forward to every day.
  • Consistency – The diet why is a thick shake. If you are dieting on a low amount of calories and food then you WILL be hungry! There is no way of avoiding this. If one of your meals is a thin shake that takes 2 mouthfuls to drink and feels like you’re drinking water then it is likely you wont be satisfied afterwards. The diet whey however feels like drinking melted ice cream. During my diet I would mi about 400ml of water with 2 scoops of diet whey and sip it. It was so nice and creamy and would take about 10 minutes to drink if I dragged it out as much as possible. Surprisingly it also actually kept me feeling full and satisfied for quite a while afterwards as well.
  • The nutritional breakdown – The diet whey has more carbs than most whey isolate shakes and certainly more fat. However this was a bonus to me as my diet was not carb restricted and was well balanced. The fats are from flaxseed so are very healthy and the carbs are from waxy barley starch (a low GI form of carbohydrates).
  • The additional extras – PhD Diet whey contains CLA, L-carnitine and green tea to aid in fat loss. These ingredients have been proven to increase the rate of fat loss for different reasons. Green tea speeds up your metabolism and CLA and L-carnitine help with the transport of fats to be used as energy.


So as you can see it was a sensible choice to use as a supplement.


My review of the supplement can be done simply with 2 pictures. The first is the fat level I was at when I started the diet and the second is the result of my diet using diet whey and a fat burner (combined with good diet of course).



As you can see I achieved my goals and I do genuinely put a large part of that down to the PhD Diet whey.


It is a very versatile product and can be used at any time of the day. It can be used by both men and women, and people of all ages.


I would recommend stacking the PhD Diet whey with either phd CLA or PhD Lean degree to enhance the effects. CLA is most effective when supplemented at around 3g per day and the Lean degree will help increase metabolism even further to help you to burn those extra calories.


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So if you’re looking for a supplement to take to reduce daily calories or to use as a part of a complex diet plan then I strongly recommend you look at PhD diet whey.

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  • james

    hi, great results, is it possible you can share your diet with me, and what was your workout? body part per day, heavy sets, low reps?? was your cardio steady state or HIIT?? would love if you told me your secret id love results like that cheers ;)

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