3 Ways To Bypass Your Poor Appetite!

Talking from experience, for the last 4 months I haven’t missed a single meal and my appetite has been amazing. To be honest, it always is and if anything it is a little too hasty at times! Out of the blue, I wake up and 2 slices of brown bread, 2 eggs and protein shake and some yogurt sound way too much. From feeling like I could eat a lion’s share of even the most generous buffet, I now feel as though I just want to have a smoothie instead every 3 hours at best. Why is this? This time of the year people will often pick up a little bug here and there, and I think a slight onset of man flue has caused this. Having said that skipping a meal is not an option so what should you do when you find food as about as appetising as matured road kill?!

Breakfast – a chore you can do without!

For the sake of explanation, let’s just say you’re eating 6 meals a day which all contain a similar balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and some fats. At least 5 of them are solid meals, but now you don’t feel like even 2! When your appetite is sluggish, breakfast is normally one of the hardest meals to get down! With this in mind, I opt for 2 scoop of vanilla whey protein, 1 tablespoon of pro-biotic strawberry yogurt, ½ glass of apple juice, ½ glass of water, 60g oats, ½ banana, handful of strawberries and blueberries and I chuck it all in a blender! Within this you are enjoying a very fulfilling nutritious smoothie, yet it tastes the dog’s you know what and goes down easily! There you go, a lovely smoothie which takes 2 minutes to prepare, the same amount of time to drink and your day has started with a bang!

Meal cycling

Presuming your following the kind of meal plan we discussed above, I like to cycle my meals through the day. That means, when my appetite is shot I will have one solid meal, one protein shake, one solid meal and so on. This makes life so easy because in effect you only have to deal with solid food every 6 hours. What I usually do is have a good source of healthy fats with my protein shake meals because this helps sustain the length at which the protein trickles into my blood stream. Avocado, nuts, nut butter and even Udo’s Oil in my protein shake are all common options I recommend.

Tasty bars

When the appetite is down, it sometimes takes a ‘treat’ to get things running again. Don’t panic, this isn’t where I give you a free license to raid everything that £5 in your pocket will buy in the local petrol station! Instead, enjoy a few protein bars such as PhD Growth Factor 50 bars or even PhD Diet Whey bars. These taste better than chocolate bars, and they can easily qualify as a meal. Sure, I wouldn’t recommend having several a day, every day. However, when the chips are down and you need to feed the muscles relax and eat maybe 2-3 as a meal on days where your appetite is slow. You haven’t missed a meal; you look forward to eating again and before you know it you’re hungry like a pack of starved hyenas again

There are 3 very simple things you can do to take positive action when your appetite doesn’t want to play ball!

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