3 Must Have Anti-Catabolic Supplements!

Within the world of muscle building, the ‘c’ word is just as offensive and problematic as it is in mainstream terminology! Of course, the word I am referring to is ‘catabolism’, what else did you think I was talking about? Catabolism is the state your body is in where you are breaking down protein and muscle tissue as energy, resulting in a loss of muscle mass. This as you have probably managed to workout, is not ideal for anybody who desires to build! So what supplements are anti-catabolic, or should I say, what supplements must you take in order to avoid catabolism! That answer is easy, follow me!


Branched chain amino acids are often praised as a must have supplement, you have witnesses this yourself when you read our continuous stream of interviews with professional bodybuilders, high profile trainers and sporting athletes. The thing is, many people don’t understand why they are so important which I think is part of the reason they don’t tend to bother with them. Here is exactly WHY you need BCAAs to prevent catabolism, here goes.

OK, in short the body requires 20 amino acids to repair and build new muscle tissue. The body is able to produce 12 of these; however the other 8 are referred to as ‘essential’ because it cannot produce them. Therefore you need to attain them through diet. Although following a good nutritional plan will help you get these 8 EAAs it will not give you them in sufficient dosages, so you need to supplement with BCAAs. If you don’t, your body literally is unable to repair and build muscle anywhere as near efficiently as if you were using BCAAs. Such a simple supplement, but it is also such an effective supplement!

Using 6g of BCAAs before and after your workouts, as you wake up, and before bed will certainly help prevent the onset of catabolism!


To maximise muscle recovery as well as growth you must sustain a positive nitrogen balance within the muscle cell. In short, this allows nitrogen to be synthesised which then leads to muscle recovery and growth. In other words, maintaining a positive nitrogen balance within the muscle certainly helps prevent catabolism. L-Glutamine is a primary nitrogen transporter, responsible for around 35% of the nitrogen found in the muscle cell. That right there explains exactly why L-Glutamine is a great anti-catabolic agent!

Taking 5g when you wake up, before your workout, post-workout and before bed will help prevent catabolism very effectively!

Waxy Maize Starch

Ok, stay with me for a second whilst I explain! Post-workout, you are at your most catabolic because you have just sucked every ounce of glycogen out of your muscles and they are vulnerable, but they are also primed for growth IF you feed them correctly! Waxy Maize Starch is a fantastic supplement to use directly after training, with a digestion rate nearly twice the speed of dextrose! What this does is help replenish your muscle glycogen levels very rapidly, and it also helps force protein, creatine and amino acids into the muscle cell as well! As a result you quickly become anabolic, which is the best way to fight catabolism!

Waxy Maize Starch is also a great supplement to use as you wake up, mixed with a whey isolate to help take you into an anabolic state, from the very catabolic state your currently in as you wake up!

Using these 3 supplements will certainly enable you to make progress with your muscle building goals, by taking the fight to catabolism! All you have to do is do it!

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