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This month's transformation blew me away, I could not believe what Jack Regan had achieved in 6 short months! Although I have seen it before, what inspired me was the fact that he was a young lad and overweight. So often you will hear these stories, where they want to lose the flab but they never do. Now, Jack looks like a fitness pin up superstar! Amazingly inspirational, I will certainly read this again when I start my new transformation!

- Adam Gethin

In September 2010, I was diagnosed with a common condition of the lower back, which was called a Pilonidal Sinus, basically a cyst that had grown from an ingrown hair. I went to the doctors, and he referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon booked me an operation date of November 11th 2010. The operation went successfully, but I had a very bad recovery phase, meaning that I could do no exercise for up to 10 weeks! The following weeks included me eating chocolate, sweets, hot chocolates etc, I piled on the weight over the Christmas period, and was eventually allowed to do exercise after repeated splits of the deep healing process.

January 2011 came, at a weight of 15st 1lb, I was sick of my fat slobbish state and it was depressing me constantly, so I text my cousin to see if he fancied starting going to the gym to fight this flab! He agreed, (although being very skinny himself) to train with me, I had the drive and the want, but just didn’t have the knowledge. I bought Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness to try and help with my training.


The first two weeks of my training were absolute hell, DOMS (not that I knew what it was back then) was the worst I had ever experience during this first phase, although it was hurting me, I was determined to get back to my former self and was attacking the gym with vengeance.

During the spring of 2010 I had been given some advice to purchase PhD Synergy Iso-7, I went back to this product during February 2011 because I needed something to fuel my workouts. I looked on the internet for the cheapest available price, and came across; the world of supplements was opened up for me during this first visit to the site. As I was continually looking through the site over the next week or so, I spotted the link for FitForum on the left hand side and went to the site. My outlook on training, diet and supplements was about to change forever, I joined FitForum immediately, learning more in my first week than I had in the past year, my diet was quickly set up with protein included in every meal and all junk food cut out. I had also learnt about the Glycemic Index, I cut white bread and milk from my diet, I was seeing massive results on the scales, and was feeling better about myself.

My progress was flying, and every time I was stepping on the scales I was dropping weight, and my clothes were starting to become loose, my goals were changing constantly because of my rapid weight loss. I had originally decided I wanted to lose a stone, but by the time April 1st 2011 came, my weight had came down to 13st 9lbs, a weight loss of 20lbs in 3 months. I couldn’t believe what I had done, I was constantly getting compliments and I was beaming.

At this point in the year, I had been going on FitForum 8-9 times and week, I was getting addicted to the information I was getting, I had been told about the FitForum 3 Month Body Challenge, as I was going on holiday only two days after the competition ended and wanted to get in shape I decided to enter.

I had been trawling through the diet and nutrition section of FitForum, and came across Papa Lazarou’s Dave Palumbo Diet Thread. Ii intrigued me that there was a diet without any carbs, I did my research on the matter and asked Papa a few questions and decided to follow the 185lb male template of the diet.

My following of the diet started on May 3rd 2011, I couldn’t believe my body’s reaction to this diet, I was looking leaner within the first 7 days, and this was something I had never experienced before. The diet was extremely hard to follow, my cravings were intense, and I was drinking sometimes up to 5, 2 litre bottles of water just to keep my hunger at bay.

Over the course of the next two months, my time on the diet was very patchy, I would do two weeks on and my mind would take over and have a week off, and then have another two weeks on. I thought I had blown it. But for some reason, my physique was getting better and better, my abs were starting to appear, and I was rapidly loosing more weight.

On the last day of the competition, it marked 6 months since I had started training, I took photos for the competition and uploaded them to FitForum, thinking nothing of it. But I got a very good reaction on the thread, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I had done quite well.


I felt amazing, like a new person, my friends and people I hadn’t seen for months were instantly noticing my new body. I felt amazing.

From this 6 month transformation, I realised that it is possible to do something I looked at as seemingly impossible at the start, I felt strong, I felt better, and I would never let myself get into that state again.

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