Training Split - 3 Reasons Why You Need To Be More Flexible!

Training splits, in a sentence are a mapped out plan of the training you are going to be doing for the next week. Simple! However, they can sometimes hold you back is you lack vision and understanding. For beginners it is really hard to have the scope to alter their training split as week goes on using intuition. Learning to do this could really spike your gains though! Here are 3 ways to learn about your body, your training split and ways you can get the most from your training split by training with instinct!

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

Hitting each muscle group in your body every 7 days is the general rule of thumb. Having said that, we are humans not machines. Sure, you would be forgiven for thinking guys like Zack Khan are MACHINES, but honestly, he IS human! The point is that it may well take longer for a particular body part to repair, and it is also entirely possible a certain body part could repair quicker than in 7 days. For example, if you do a ultra high rep leg workout with 100 rep leg press sets you probably won’t walk for 4 days, let alone feel like training! In contrast, a heavy 20 minute bicep workout may only take 4 days to recover. So, it is all about feeling the muscle and knowing if it is ready for war again or not! If leg day comes around and your legs are still aching badly then take an extra couple of days! There is no written rule that if you don’t train them then you are going to lose 30lbs of muscle! If you go right ahead and train them regardless you risk catabolic effects kicking in through over training, you risk injury because your muscle isn’t recovered properly, AND, you won’t get a good workout done anyway because your intensity and strength is going to be compromised! Every workout has to be more intense, harder and more challenging than the last one! If you are not recovered properly then this is impossible. To conclude, if DOMS are still kicking about let the muscle rest until it is ready for action!

The pump!

So you just finished hitting up back and you are scheduled to blast your biceps. However, your biceps are pumped like overfilled water pipes! Whilst this is great, it can sometimes lead to an unproductive bicep workout. Sure, as a bicep workout goes on you get pumped. BUT if you are starting and your biceps are bulging already it may cause you to fail way before the muscle reaches a productive level of stress due to the lactic acid! In this instance I would recommend giving your biceps 2-3 days before smashing them up on their own or with another body part! This is what I mean when you talk about a ‘total’ understanding and ability to think outside the box.


Prime example – my shoulder joints can get very sore from time to time when I hit shoulders, believe it or not! With that said, if I am due to hit biceps after shoulders but my joints are really feeling it I won’t bother. Why? When you curl there is a small amount of weight transfer which travels through the anterior deltoid and shoulder joint. You can be sure when I reach the last couple of forced reps when I am curling, that if my shoulder joints are throbbing I am more likely to back out! What’s more, your body is very clever in as much as you has the ability to tell you when something is wrong! If you aching that badly in the joint, it is time to rest and fight another day! Yet a beginner may stay and push on because that is what their training split says to do! The difference could be an injured shoulder (long term), a poor bicep workout compared to the one I am going to do 2-3 days later and even a poor chest workout next week because your joints are so sore!

There are 3 very informative points you need to consider form workout to workout. Remember, having the ability to be flexible can really benefit your training and progress in the short and long term!

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