There is NO Such Thing As a Free Lunch! 30 Day Challenge - 5 Ways To Earn Your Christmas Dinner!

It is precisely 33 days until Christmas day, excited? Yes with an exclamation mark would be my response; I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. The lovely decorations, the smell of the Christmas tree, even the cheesy music, the presents and of course the food! You get the point, but what I really want to talk about is what makes you think you deserve all the junk over Christmas and New Year? In my eyes, you have to earn it! Here is your 30 day challenge which will qualify you as somebody who truly earned your Christmas dinner and all the treats that go with it!

Skipping Meals

From this article onwards, do not skip a single meal. You need to be taking in at least 6 meals a day, of which 2 can be protein shakes. If you miss a single meal you have failed to qualify, therefore you will feel guilty over the festive period when you eat all that crap. In all seriousness, eating every meal will help keep your metabolism jacked so when it comes time to eat junk, your body will at least be in a zone where it can handle it a little bit better.

Cheat meals

Not a single cheat meal, not a solitary mini Kit Kat or cup of coffee with sugar. If you take sugar in your hot drinks, cut it out completely! The following 30 days will help clean your system out, decrease your body fat and improve your insulin sensitivity so you are at least in a slightly better place to cope with all the junk you are going to be indulging yourself with.


Some of you guys will be doing cardio already, but many wont because it is the winter. Start doing 30 minutes cardio a day whether it is fast paced walking, cross-training, cycling or a mix of all three. This will really help improve your body composition by Christmas and it will also help speed up your metabolism.

Balls to the wall

So you hit the gym 4 times a week, maybe 5 and train hard? Well for the next 30 days every workout you do in the gym needs to be more intense, more focussed and more brutal. Everyone can up their game at least 10%, now it is your turn! This is another measure you can take to really force your body composition to improve in the next 30 days!


Water is one of the best and most effective ways to promote fat loss and maintain lean muscle tissue. Make sure you take in at least 4 litres of clear water a day. Don’t count tea or coffee, these are natural diuretics which actually dehydrate you!

There you go, 5 very easy steps to earn your Christmas food! The question is, are you going to earn it or not? Many wont, but the ones who do will certainly appreciate and enjoy the beautiful range of foods over Christmas a lot more!

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