Sci-MX Mass System - Dave Humphreys Takes It For A Test Drive!

‘Sci-MX Mass System’ is one of, if not the best mass gainer on the market today. It’s got a quality ingredient profile which will help anyone looking to add some serious size.

Let’s take a quick look at its ingredients;

Per serving Sci-MX Mass System delivers 46g of Sci-MX’s trademark GRS-5 protein blend. This means that it delivers a mixture of 5 proteins (Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumen and Soy Protein Isolate), which all have there own individual advantages and roles when it comes to recover and hypertrophy. You may be asking, ‘What’s the point in having a mixture of 5 proteins?’, well the mixture contains both fast absorbing proteins (like Whey Isolate and Concentrate) along with slower digesting proteins (such as Egg Albumen, Calcium Caseinate and Soy Isolate) which has the advantage of being able to supply the muscles with a steady stream of essential muscle building nutrients, helping prolong protein synthesis and in-turn keeping the muscles in an anabolic muscle building state for longer. This helps dramatically increase muscle repair and growth!

Not only is ‘Mass System’ armed with 46g of muscle building proteins, it is enhanced with a compound known as ‘AMINOGEN’. Aminogen is a compound clinically proven to increase nitrogen retention (by 32%), BCAA release (by an impressive 250%) and overall amino-acid plasma levels (by 100%), optimising how your body uses the proteins. This means it enhances the effectiveness of the protein, increasing recovery and stimulating muscle growth. I was quick to see the effectiveness as it helped me recover A LOT quicker after each hard session and kept DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) to a minimum!

Mass System also boasts an impressive amount of BCAA’s and L-Glutamine (18g to be exact!). BCAA’s are essential for building lean muscle whilst also helping prevent catabolism in the muscles. L-Glutamine is a renowned ingredient which can dramatically increase recovery, which is vital when wanting to break through your plateau and build some quality muscle.

To help with optimum nutrient absorption, they have also added in a compound called OPTIZYME. ‘Why is this an advantage?’ you may be thinking….. Well Optizyme is a unique digestive enzyme formula which is designed to help aid digestion, therefore increasing protein absorption, allowing your body to utilise all the essential nutrients to its up most potential.

It doesn’t stop there either! This product doesn’t stop giving! It also contains another one of Sci-MX’s trademark formulas known as VIT-MX. Vit-MX is a unique blend of vitamins (which includes Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid) and minerals (such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc Magnesium and Copper). All of the above are vital to promote a healthy body and play an important role in keeping a healthy immune system, improved muscle oxygenation, promote hormonal health as well as improve muscle and nerve function).

Now no mass gainer would be without some form of carbohydrates and with an already impressive nutrient list, you would have to think that they have to cut corners somewhere, right? Well no, in fact Sci-MX Mass System doesn’t contain high levels of low grade simple sugars like many mass gainers out there. It contains a massive 100g ‘Cross-Action’ blend of fast and slow release carbohydrates. These carbohydrates together, replenish your glycogen stores and helps transport vital nutrients (such as creatine, arginine and beta-alanine which you may be using) to your muscles. All this ensures maximum recovery, helping your muscles get ready for the next big session! It does all this without an un-wanted sugar effect, meaning there is a minimal fat gain, something which is vital when bulking. The blend of carbohydrates also helps give you that ‘pumped’ look and make your muscles appear ‘fuller’.

All of the above shows that Sci-MX is a quality mass gainer, one which I wouldn’t be without on my bulking phase. It has helped me greatly in the past, helping me achieve massive amounts of muscle gain. For optimum results I stacked it with another one of Sci-MX’s products, Creatine CT-MX which will help optimise size and strength gains. It has a perfect balance of quality nutrients and in my personal opinion delivers exactly what it promises and more….

It is a great product to take first thing in the morning and immediately post-workout, which in my eyes are vital times for your body to get the sheer amount of good quality nutrients Sci-MX Mass System delivers.

Now, it boasts an impressive ingredient list which I’m sure you’ll agree. But obviously there are other things you look for in a product which will help your choice between this product and similar ones on the market, and it also ticks all the boxes there too! Let’s take a closer look;

The first thing that you notice with a product is its mix-ability. It’s the first thing you notice as soon as you make it up! I found that although there is a large amount of powder to mix, it mixed perfectly with the stated amount of water. Nice and smooth without any lumps at all.

Next thing that is noticed when taking a shake for the first time is its taste, and what some people solely look for in a product. Let’s face it, even though it has an impressive amount of nutrients, nobody wants to drink something that doesn’t taste nice do they! There are no complaints in this department either. I’ve had both the chocolate and strawberry and they both taste delicious.

After drinking some high calorie mass gainers, they can leave you feeling bloated and lie heavy on your stomach. I felt no such thing with this product, which is always a bonus!

Finally we come to price…. You can’t really complain with the price at all. It is competitive and similar to other mass gainers out there. But you really get what you pay for with this.

All in all, Sci-MX Mass System is a great product, one which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some serious gains! It is just another of example of Sci-MX’s quality range, leaving nothing to chance and delivering exactly what it sets out to do.

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