MrGymCredible Series Pt 3!

MrOrdinary to MrGymcredible

       A bloke’s guide to fitness

Welcome on a journey

Each issue we will be following a month of my year where I went from ordinary to gymcredible using only will power and a small budget.

Part 3) April - May 2011

The Diet

Do you want to know what the main problem with dieting is apart from the feeling that everyone around you seems to be constantly gorging themselves on fatty stomach busting foods, it's that there are millions of diets and believe me it's a minefield choosing the right one for you.

My answer

Start to understand the food groups and what they do. Protein and carbs are the two main subjects I want to focus on. I am going to talk to you like a complete idiot, not because you are but because I was, and needed things like this explaining more clearly.

Carbs -  these make you fat (maybe) they are also the stuff that hang around. NEVER eat carbs late at night.

Protein - This is the stuff that makes your T-shirts tight and sets your a**e alight. Get this down your neck.

Ok that is the normal bloke’s guide to nutrition, but for a more in depth explanation just look on any of the 2 billion websites.

(Or the one good one you’re at now)

Think of your body like this we have all descended from cavemen, millions of years ago man ate meat and veg and basically anything green or living, the body has not evolved, SOCIETY has and your body still thinks your swinging a club around an Everglade so when a processed food group i.e. saturated fat enters the body it has no idea what to do with it. So it copy's what a women does regarding shoes and spaces it STORES it.

And believe me if you've tried getting a women to part with shoes that is easier than shifting saturated fat from the body.

Fish and broccoli

Just the mention of its name is enough to send a shiver down my spine. This month saw the beginning of body challenge 2011, a competition to see who could change their body the most in three months on FitForum.

The pictures dotted around my website and on Facebook of me holding a newspaper are the before and afters and I'm very proud to say I came 2nd narrowly missing out on first by a handful of votes.

The prize was an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas and I had planned to auction it off to McMillan cancer support if I won so the pressure was on.

Fish and broccoli or F&B as I will call it means that you put the least amount of food in your body so that it takes fat storage as sustenance and not muscle. You lose weight and look ripped and boy does it ever drop off.

But at a cost. I was moody and when I say moody I was a powder keg with a fuse the length of my fingernail. Also flatulence came knocking at my back door ALOT. My girlfriend deserves more credit then I do for this year’s challenge because she's bared more of the brunt.

(Admit it you can put up with the smell of your own a**e)

If your interested here is the 2 week diet:

Morning - 70grams of porridge oats mixed with water and 30grams of blueberries.

Then every three hours 200grams of white skinless boneless fish and 200grams of broccoli.

Working out

I was still training very hard using high intensity low weight sets Id become used to. My philosophy still stands lift the weight YOU can lift but lift it more times than you can handle.

The F&B diet meant my energy levels where low but about to join it was my mood.

Job loss

Sure enough not only had I faced NO BEER but I now faced no job as well,  I was getting it in the neck from family members about how my clothes fell of my supposed gaunt frame but the truth was I couldn't afford new clothes.

If you’re a man and you diet people will always try to get you to EAT something. It's seems human nature that men must eat, heaven forbid they should ever go down to a 32" waist!!! But what little money I had was being eaten up by this challenge I needed to tighten the purse strings.

Not all supplements required

I brought everything nearly, even something called PUMP!!! The fact is and you can thank me for keeping you rich all you really needed is a good protein powder and at a push creatine. Anything else is if you can afford it and if you feel it would be of useful.

Which leads me on nicely to the next instalment my workout routine.

See you next time. Much love and double thumbs up MrG x

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