Mr GymCredible Series Pt 2

                                                      MrOrdinary to MrGymcredible

    A bloke's guide to fitness

Welcome on a journey.

Each issue we will be following a month of my year where I went from ordinary to gymcredible using only will power and a small budget.

Part 2) feb - March 2011

The gym

What a horrible situation, I felt very self conscious entering a gym, it wasn't completely alien to me, I'd been in gyms before but only to sign up and then once again to quit.

The problem here was how everyone else looked, to me I felt out of place and also due to the fact I could only manage to pull 20kg off the ground without passing out I became aware of others lifting FAR MORE.

A lonely place

I overheard a comment and a snigger as I performed 10kg dumbbell curls and it nearly finished me off, I'd made the gym a lonely place by sticking my earphones on and concentrating on what I was doing that I became paranoid, in reality I'd chosen the WRONG gym.

Do your research

Right wrong or indifferent I stopped going to the gym so much, instead I focused on working out alone at home, but who was there to motivate me or what would provide the edge needed to carry on ?

TWO THINGS - FitForum and shapers gym in a little town called Wisbech.

Let's focus on this one first, from starting up a YouTube channel and Facebook account, I noticed a post telling me I was being discussed in a Forum and being instructed to join. I did join and it was like returning from a long holiday and having all your family there to greet you, only instead of my mum and dad they were replaced by muscle bound lean dogs with names like machine and diesel - you'd think it was MORE counter productive but it was the reverse.

WHY? Because they kept telling me they had been where I was and they knew my pain.


It's been my best mates home for about 11 years or so and I remember walking in and thinking, what a s**t house, where's the TVs and more importantly where's the WOMEN?

People screamed yet no one batted an eyelid, someone I swear even spat on the floor once!

However there was something infectious about this place, you almost felt a sense of belonging. There was some animalistic urge to spit and scream so as not to feel out of place.

I remembered watching rocky 4 as a kid and thinking well at least I have it better then he did.

So I joined them, a few weeks into it and I had my own spotter who would shout at me and when going for PBs (personal bests) it was like the gym paused and voices could be heard saying "GO ON GYMCREDIBLE"!

Although I didn't stay at Shapers (mainly due to location an mainly due to the fact I was tied into a years contract with the other gym) it remained the catalyst that saved my challenge I no longer cared about what people thought and plus -


But I soon realised it wasn't the gym that I needed, it was to sort out my nutrition, someone said to me a body is made in the kitchen NOT the gym and so began my hell that would end with me eating nothing but fish and broccoli for two weeks and consuming 10 litres of water in one day !!

See you next time. Much love and double thumbs up MrG!

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