General Health - 3 Ways For You To Be Healthier Today!

So often you will relate my advice to building hunk worthy muscles, God almighty strength and getting chick magnet abs. However, something I am equally as passionate about is general health and the benefits it can have for everyday people who have no ambition of wooing naïve girls with their muscle or building the image as the gym’s ‘big guy’ – instead I want to focus on the many benefits every person can enjoy by making healthier choices in their life.


I don’t care if you’re a taxi driver, builder, pilot, estate agent or a professional footballer who doesn’t want better energy levels? What many people diagnose as ‘tired’ is actually often fatigue due to poor nutrition. Food is the fuel our body likes best, so why not fill the tank up regularly? Your car would be pretty tired driving to the local supermarket if you didn’t put fuel in it, let alone a racing car blasting around Le Mans for 24 hours! Below are 3 easy steps to increasing your energy levels via better food choices.

-          Choose wholegrain carbohydrate sources such as brown pasta, brown rice and oats

-          Limit sugary fruits to breakfast and post-exercise

-          Eat every 4 hours as a minimum to sustain blood sugar levels

Making these small but very simple changes to your diet today will ensure your energy levels are better tomorrow, whatever the day throws at you! Remember, this is purely for anybody to feel more energised so don’t think this isn’t relevant to you because it is!

Mental focus

How often do you find yourself struggling to concentrate on the work in front of you, let alone consider tomorrow’s meeting and then the presentation next Monday morning? Although there is a degree of natural mental fatigue, a lot of people fail to feed the mind therefore they struggle to be efficient at work. I would strongly recommend ensuring you have 2-3 healthy portions of healthy fats each and every day! Not only will this help with fat loss, this will also help feed the brain with much needed ‘food for thought’ or energy! Below are my top 4 sources of healthy fats via food.

-          Avocado

-          Oily fish such as salmon fillet and Mackerel

-          Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

-          Organic natural crunchy peanut butter or just nuts

Adding healthy fat sources into your diet on a daily basis will certainly help provide your brain with more energy to think. This can also potentially aid cardiac health, join health and lower your cholesterol!


Having previously worked in an office environment as well as on a manual labour site, I can relate to the dying hunger pains in that short 10 minute break. The human survival mode kicks in and you are set upon a mission to devour everything you can to replenish energy levels. Why is your body hungry? If you ask me, because you are not feeding it properly! If you were to eat healthy balanced portions of food every 3 hours your blood sugar levels would remain fairly steady which helps stop cravings. However, the choice of food needs to be right! Each meal throughout the day should contain protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and some fibrous carbohydrates for general health and digestion efficiency. Below are my top 3 picks from each category.

Protein –

-          Chicken/turkey

-          Lean beef

-          Protein powder

Complex carbohydrates –

-          Oats

-          Brown pasta/brown rice

-          Sweet potato

Healthy fats –

-          Extra virgin olive oil

-          Avocado

-          Oily fish

-          Organic crunchy peanut butter (I know that is 4, but this is a GREAT choice or just nuts)

Fibrous carbohydrates –

-          Broccoli

-          Cabbage

-          Cauliflower

Having balanced meals through the day will help suppress the cravings which right now send you searching for the nearest sweets vending machine or petrol station store! Healthy fats play a huge role because the fats slow down the rate at which your body digests calories. If I experience unbearable cravings I crack open the peanut butter and have a teaspoon OR a handful of nuts!

So there you go guys, three ever so easy to follow steps for regular Joe or Jane on the street to start improving their health straight away! Anybody can follow these simple steps, and one thing I can promise is that you will feel much better for it! Start living a healthier lifestyle today!

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