FitMag Speaks with IFBB Pro Cecil Croasdaile

IFBB Pros are the crème de la crème of bodybuilding, therefore it makes sense that you learn from them! Today we are fortunate enough to have an interview with the newest British IFBB Pro to date, Cecil Croasdaile! This guy has been competing in this industry for nearly two decades which makes him a great source of information, knowledge and wisdom. With over 31 years of experience in training and nutrition, Mr Croasdaile has so much to share with us today!

Cecil, thank you very much for joining FitMag today! It is such a pleasure and honour to talk with the newest IFBB Pro on the circuit!

It is my pleasure, thank you!

Beginning from the start, when did you get into training?

I got into training as a schoolboy back in 1980.

So you have been training for 31 years! What first got you into competing?

It all started after going to a show in 1991 to watch a gym member compete. People there told me I looked better than some of the guys who were competing. That inspired me to start competing.

How long have you been competing and training properly for?

I’ve been training non stop since 1986! My first ever competition was in 1992 then 1993, 1994, 2000 then 2001. After this I took some time out and then made my come back in 2010 and 2011.

Can you give us a background on your competitive career?

1992 EFBB south Midlands 1st place light heavyweight

1992 EFBB British Championships 4th place light heavyweight

1993 EFBB London south east 1st place light heavyweight

1993 EFBB British Championships 2nd place light heavyweight

1994 EFBB London south east 3rd place light heavyweight

1994 EFBB British Championships 6th place light heavyweight

2000 EFBB East of England 1st place light heavyweight

2001 EFBB London south east 2nd place

2010 UKBFF London south east 1st place heavyweight

2010 UKBFF BodyPower Challenge round 1st place

2010 UKBFF British championships 3rd place heavyweight

2011 UKBFF Kent Klassic 1st place super heavyweight

2011 UKBFF British Championship 1st place super heavyweight

2011 UKBFF British Championship Overall title

What were your initial aspirations when you began training and then competing?

First of all it was to get big and strong! Then as my body began to change shape and looked more like a bodybuilder I wanted to try and become a professional.

Did you always want and feel you could be an IFBB Pro?

I always wanted to be but being one was another thing.

What kind of training style did you follow when you first started training?

I trained like a powerlifter using basic exercises -

Squats, deadlifts, bench press, standing presses, barbell curls and so on.

What style of training do you use today?

I use the same style – a very basic style of training using barbells and dumbbells. I just do them for more repetitions now.

What is your top advice to beginners in regards to training?

Take it serious and be consistent. Learn as much as you can then apply it to yourself!

What would you advise people to do who are looking to compete for the first time?

Go to the shows and see what it's about to get a feel for it and assess the competition.

Leading into the British Championships this year, where you won your IFBB Pro card what did your prep look like in regards to cardio and training?

I always keep my training going into a show heavy and hard using the same basic exercises. I just add some cables where I feel I need them. I use my cardio sessions for strictly fat burning so 30-45 minutes slow paced and I will up it if I feel I need to.

In regards to diet, what kind of diet did you use?

I start by cleaning up my diet for the first 4 weeks, and then from that point on I start reducing my carb intake to bring my weight down.

Did you feel your prep ran smoothly? Were there any last minute issues?

Up to a point it did, and then I had to adjust things as the diet progressed depending on if I thought I was losing weight too fast of too slow.

Did you feel you had the show won?

Not really as I was the lightest in that weight class.

What are your future plans as a pro? What is 2012 going to look like for you?

Well it's back to the drawing board depending on how my off season training is going, I will know for sure what I will be doing.

Where will you be in 5 years as a pro?

Only God knows that one, hopefully I will still be big, strong and healthy.

Moving on, how important is nutrition to beginners on a scale of 1-10?

A big 10!!!

What are the most common mistakes people make with nutrition?

Not eating enough because they are afraid of getting fat.

What advice would you give to beginners in regards to nutrition?

To eat wholesome foods like chicken, fish, beef, steak, eggs & milk for protein foods and rice, potatoes, bread and pasta for carbohydrates! Make sure you eat lots of them!

Great advice! You use CNP supplements - how much do they contribute to your success?

They have helped me with getting the protein I need and the pre-training supplements needed to get me through the workouts and help my recovery. CNP are a great brand!

 How important are supplements to beginners?

They are important as they can help you add calories to your diet as well as promote faster recovery and overall progress!!

What are Cecil Croasdaile’s top 5 must have supplements for beginners?

Creatine, whey protein, a good multi-vitamin, BCAAS and a MR (meal replacement)

Is there anything you want to add, something to leave our FitMag readers with?

Just believe in yourself, train hard and be consistent!!!

Cecil, thank you so much for your time! Our readers will certainly benefit from your experience and knowledge I am sure!

Thank you Adam!

FitMag readers you have heard from the newest IFBB pro from the UK and now you can look to implement his advice into your plans!



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