December Q&A with Carly Thornton!

I have tried a low carb diet for several weeks and I feel terrible, and I haven't really made any progress. How can I reintroduce carbs without having a negative effect?

2 weeks is not really enough time to see any positive results, its all about being consistent, this is with any clean eating plans, not just low carbs and generally it the 6 week mark where you start seeing noticeable results. I’m personally not a fan of continued low carb plans as we all need some, now this could mean a rotation plan, where some days you will have higher carbs day and others, lower…This could be a great way to introduce more complex carbs into your diet.

I love making my own smoothies, do you have a recipe which tastes great and helps me keep the fat off?

Oh I LOVE smoothies in the summer and still LOVE a strawberry smoothie in the evening, which kills a sweet tooth!! One of my favourites has to be:
USN IGF-1 strawberry
Fromage frais
Xylitol sweetener
Mixed spice
6 ice cubes
All blended together, this is great anytime of the day…another that I have which is more post workout is:
2 scoops of USN Vanilla IGF-1
1 tbsp peanut butter
Mixed spice
Coconut shreds
1 whole ripe banana
All blended together with ice and 2 mugs of water

Carly, I am just getting into weight training but I am really concerned as a girl I am going to get too muscular by eating a high protein diet. Is this really OK to do?

Hey its fine, I find most females do not consume enough protein, for one we have not got the testosterone to get overly muscular so don’t worry about this. Everything from our hair, skin, nails, organs are all made up of protein so its vital we eat enough in our balanced healthy diets…happy healthy body on the inside, shines on the outside!

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