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The number 1 thing in my opinion that will allow you to achieve your goals in bodybuilding or general training is KNOWLEDGE!


Without knowing the correct ways to train, the best diet for you, which supplements to take, what to do and what not to do in your lifestyle, you aren’t going to achieve the goals that you set yourself.


Many people are lazy when it comes to gaining knowledge. They assume that they know enough themselves to get where they want to be. Some people guess certain aspects correctly, however there is no way that you can plan a perfect diet and training routine best suited to you without doing research first. Whether that research be reading scientific studies, watching videos of people training, reading bodybuilding magazines or simply asking questions from experienced people.


In my opinion thought the best place available to gain knowledge and progress with your training is a bodybuilding and fitness forum! has been running for 1.5 years and has already helped thousands of people in achieving their goals. Forums provide vast arrays of knowledge and opinions that can be catered for everyone. On fitforum you will find articles on all aspects of diet, training, supplementation and anything else training related.

But the information present on forums is not the only aspect that is useful to a bodybuilder or trainer who is new to the game. Here are my favourite things about being part of the forum.


The community – The members make the forum. The contributing members provide the information, the opinions, the support and the team spirit that comes with being a part of a forum. On fitforum everyone gets along and I would go as far as to say we are all friends. This community spirit means that any new member with a problem is welcomed in and helped willingly. Support is given in all aspects of training and life and this support can help achieve your goals like nothing else. I have run several training logs on there for different goals, and the support of my friends on the forum has helped me to stay on track and achieve what I set out to.


The research – when you want to find something it can be very hard to trawl through the endless amounts of information on the internet. On the forum if someone finds an interesting or useful bit of information on the internet they will post it on the forum. The forum is full of purely useful information. It filters out the rubbish and just gives the quality information. So using the search button on a forum is going to give you a more direct answer than using the search button on a search engine.


The debates – Debates on forums always occur. They are regular and sometimes fantastic to just sit back and watch. Seeing different opinions put forward and backed by strong arguments you get to witness the different views in bodybuilding. You can then make up your own mind as to what you feel to be correct. This more educated approach to learning how you feel you want to train is very beneficial. Once you feel you have enough knowledge you can join in with the debates and put across your own points.


Forums are fun! – we all train because we enjoy it. It’s what we love to do. So anything to do with training shouldn’t be a chore. Researching information, logging your progress, talking about training should all be fun. On a forum there is never anything but a fun and friendly vibe. “banter” is rife on fitforum and jokes are constantly flying about. It’s like being sat with a group of your mates and talking about bodybuilding.


So if you are new to training or just want somewhere to talk about the thing you love to do, I recommend joining . In my opinion it is one of the best decisions you could make to help you achieve your goals.

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