Be Prepared to Achieve!

Preparation is the key to success, and if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail!

This is my own mantra, and I’m going to explain why and how you should make it your own.

The majority of us in this game will have professions, study and or families to manage outside of the gym. Time is precious, and more often than not there will not be enough of it in the day to squeeze in everything you want to – which makes doing tedious things frustrating, and can often leave them forgotten about or overlooked.

How many times have you accidentally forgotten to pick up your shaker pot or your lunch, or been caught short because you went out and the journey/visit/trip took longer than expected and has left you without a meal in over 3 hours? I bet we can all think of at least one or two occasions this has happened in the last month or so?

I’m going to look at how you can ensure you don’t miss a precious meal by being prepared, which will enable you to maximise your physique potentials and aspirations.
Here’s my guide on being prepared for all situations:

At the office or school – Place the following into your personal drawer or leave on your desk, or bag etc;

-          A couple of servings of protein (in a Tupperware tub or food bag) along with a spare shaker pot and scoop.

-          Supplement your emergency arsenal further by buying a box of protein bars and leaving a few of these in your drawer.

-          Weigh out some powdered oats and place into 1 or 2 freezer bags – these can be added to your protein shakes to boost calories and carbs.

-          A bag or two of pre-weighed nuts (almonds and walnuts are best) or a jar of peanut butter and a spoon!

-          A pill box with some daily multi-vitamins or whatever tabs you normally take.

In the car – Place in the glove box, storage trays or the boot;

-          Protein bars – easy to eat whilst on the go – I suggest leaving in your glove box (many new cars have air con in the glove box to keep them from melting!) or in the door pocket so they are accessible at all times.

-          Weigh out some powdered oats and place into 1 or 2 freezer bags – if you end up staying somewhere over night you can use these to make porridge for breakfast

-          A couple of servings of protein in a freezer bag (mark on the bag the amount of scoops and use by date) along with a spare shaker pot and scoop – Place these in the boot. If you have a shaker pot with a ball in remove it or the rattling will drive you insane!

-          A bag or two of pre-weighed nuts (almonds and walnuts are best) – Place these with the protein bars

At the gym – Place these in your gym locker, or gym bag;

-          1 or 2 Protein bars – handy if you forget to pack your shaker pot and are not going straight home.

-          A shaker pot with your post-workout formula in it - leave this in your bag, locker (of if you always drive to the gym your car) in case you forget to pack yours – this way you can still reefed your muscles in the all important anabolic window created by training.

General Travel;

-          Pre weigh freezer bags with all your protein shakes and meals for the day. This way you don’t need to take a shaker pot for every single meal/shake you are taking. I tend to like a combo of oats and a protein blend for sustained release when I’m staying away as I never know what the food will be like.

-          If travelling abroad or going away for more than 2 days then a resalable pouch of protein powder can be an ideal way to ensure you can maintain protein levels – I recommend PhD Pharma Whey HT+ as they do a 900g bag for approx £21.99 – exceptionally handy for travelling

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-          Protein bars – throw in 1 a day for the duration of your trip – this is an easy way to consume protein in-between meals – which can be particularly difficult when abroad or working away.

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- Prep and plan all your meals for the week in advance. Make sure you know what you need before you leave the house for the supermarket! Prep all your meals, where possible, in advance so that you don’t run out of time to make them or don’t forget.

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