Avocado - 5 Reasons Why You Need This Super Food!

To maximise your potential as an athlete you need to get your nutrients via foods which can also benefit your health! Finding foods which can do this for you is a winning formula! Recently, I have added avocado into my diet because not only does it provide me with nutrients which benefit my body composition goals, it is also a health powerhouse! Here are 4 reasons you really should get avocado into your diet today!

Nutritional profile per 100g –

Calories – 160

Fat – 14g

Saturated fat – 2g

Carbohydrate – 8g

Dietary fibre – 7g

Sugars – 0.5g

Protein – 2g

Heart health

Our heart works very hard, especially if you are an athlete. It is the engine of the body and you need to take care of it! Avocado is enriched with heart healthy nutrients. Beta-sitosterol can be found in abundance within an avocado, and in studies it has shown to help decrease your cholesterol levels by 17% in just one week! An average avocado also contains 23% of your RDA of folate, an ingredient which has shown to help decrease the chances of heart disease among adults. The high dosage of monounsaturated fats is also great for your heart, not to mention fat metabolisation!

Nutrient absorption

Eating the right level of foods is vital as an athlete, making sure your body can actually utilise the nutrients is even more important. Studies have shown when you eat avocado with a meal you are more likely to assimilate certain nutrients for effectively. More specifically these nutrients are known as carotenoids. This can help benefit your overall health as well as your recovery as an athlete!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is responsible for supporting your immune system against a range of diseases and illnesses. It is also a very beneficial vitamin in regards to the health of your heart. Avocados are loaded with Vitamin E; in fact it is the fruit with the highest amount of Vitamin E!

Cancer combat

The ‘c’ word sends shivers down your spine, it is rife among our population and a lot of the time you could argue that it could be down to a lack of good nutrition. Avocados contain an array of cancer fighting properties. They can help inhibit prostate cancer, they can source and destroy pre-cancerous oral cells without harming healthy cells and they are also high in oleic acid which has been shown to fight breast cancer. With that being said, avocado should be in your diet on a daily basis whether you are male or female, purely based on its ability to prevent the development of cancer.

Avocado is such a convenient source of ultra-healthy fats and it tastes absolutely amazing! All you have to do is split the skin, twist, get the stone out and enjoy!!!

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