An Interview with Andy Bolton - The First Man to Ever Deadlift 1,000lbs!

When you think of the word ‘strength’ what do you think of? Rugby players, powerlifters or even something like a silverback Gorilla! When I think of the word ‘strength’, I think of a more specific name. I think, Andy Bolton! This man is one of nature’s finest examples of a ‘freak’ when it comes to strength. Not only is Andy regarded as one of the strongest men to have ever lived, he was the VERY first man to deadlift 1,000lbs! That isn’t a typo, a whole 1,000lbs was shifted by this man from the floor to waist height. So, for those of you who want to learn about strength you might find this quite an interesting read!

Andy, thank you ever so much for joining us on FitMag!

Thank you guys for having me, it is an honour!

To kick off, what first got you interested in training?

I first started training after watching some lads train whilst I was playing rugby league. At the time I was only 15 and after watching them train I was hooked. However, my dad would not let me start training until I was 18 years old!

In your early 20s you competed as a bodybuilder, how did you do?

I did OK but I had only been training for 2 years and I competed in a British qualifier where I placed third. I had dieted down from 18 stone to 14 stone in just 10 weeks!!!

So why did you change to powerlifting?

Well I was always strong and after the diet for the show, I thought never again!!! So from there I met up with some Powerlifters in my gym and they invited me to join them! So I did and I was hooked!

When was it you realised you were ''really'' strong?

Well when I first started training I could deadlift 260KG and SQUAT 220KG 22 reps!!! I was doing weights nobody else could do, so it was then I knew I must be pretty strong.

I love your modest attitude, ‘’pretty strong’’ in the same sentence as 22 reps with 220KG squats!!! In comparison to your bodybuilding days how did your training split change?

Well I went from training 2 days on, 1 day off to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At the time it did not seem like much but after a few workouts I understood why we only trained 3 days! The workouts were very long and very hard!

Can you give us a sample weekly training split which you follow today?





Can you talk us through the moment you lifted 1,000lbs to be the first man to ever do it?

Well, going there I knew I was going to do it! Training had been going great and a few months before I had done a pretty easy 440KG, so I knew I was in shape! After actually lifting the 1,000lbs I never felt anything until a few hours later when it really hit me. I thought to myself ‘’oh my God, what have I done!?’’ It is really hard to describe the feeling I got!

I can imagine, considering you lifted what would usually require a crane to move! What is your future goal with the deadlift?

Simply to get the record back and I know I can pull around 470KG it is just a matter of getting the timing right that is all! I know it will happen though!

What are the top 3 most common mistakes you see beginners make with their deadlifting?

Over training, bad form and not sticking to a plan!

What would your top 3 pieces of advice be in regards to increasing your strength on the deadlift?

Train it light at first so you can develop proper form. Watch plenty of videos of professional lifters doing the deadlift and find a style that suits you best! Write down exactly what these guys are doing with their training, how are you supposed to learn if you cannot remember what you are supposed to be doing!

Great advice! In regards to nutrition, what is a typical day’s eating for you?

Ok – in regards to my diet is it pretty simple. I eat good quality foods every few hours or when I am hungry, but I do tend to drink a lot of my calories because I find it hard work eating them all through solid food. I do also enjoy some junk food when I want it, but I try and keep it clean most of the time!

Why do you eat like this?

I find this works best for me and suits me as well. Some lifters can eat super clean every two hours but I can’t. As I said I try and keep it clean most of the time, but not quite like a bodybuilder would. I like to put most of my energy into training!

How important is nutrition to strength athletes?

It is becoming more and more important because as the standard is getting higher we are all looking for that extra edge! Good nutrition equals better recovery which can really help!

Do you have any 'secret' recipes which you love?

To be honest, no! I just eat everything!!!

What supplementation do you use?

I have been with CNP since 2003 and they have been absolutely great, supporting me all of the time!

Why do you use these supplements?

Even before I was sponsored by CNP I was using their products because they taste great and they really do the job!

What are the top 5 MUST have supplements for increasing your strength?

I am not sure if there are 5 which directly increase your strength but this would be my choice to help!

Pro-Vital, Pro-Peptide, Pro-Creatine, Pro-Mass, Pro-MR, and Pro-Flapjacks!!! These are my top 5 for you guys at FitMag!

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How important are supplements on a scale of 1-10?

For me it would have to be an 8 because it is so hard to get enough of the nutrients your body needs to recover and stay big and strong without supplements!

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes! This year has been a bad year for me; I tried some new things which did not work well for me. However, in 2012, things will be different and some records will be falling again so don’t write me off yet!

Also, anybody who wants to get directly in touch in regards to strength training go to WWW.ANDYBOLTONSTRENGTH.COM !

I don’t even train to be strong but I am amped to go and pull dome heavy poundages in the gym after reading that! What about you? One thing is for sure, Andy has certainly proven himself as somebody you should listen to when it comes to strength training!


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