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This may potentially be one of the strangest and most hypocritical articles to date. I will get straight to the point and tell you what it is about. In bodybuilding, fitness, weight training etc there is an exceptional amount of conflicting information, dodgy studies, skewed results and bro-science. This leads to a constant flow of utter fiction being passed off as fact. People in high places will preach things like they are gospel, only to say the total opposite the next day when new science or a new product comes out.


This is the reason for my article. With everything you read, hear or do in the world of bodybuilding etc, ALWAYS be skeptical. NEVER believe something to be 100% true or effective unless you have tried it yourself and know that it works for you.


This advice obviously is strange coming from me as I write articles and tell you things that I expect you to listen to and believe to be true. However even with the things I write I urge you to go out and try it for yourself. Methods that work for me and even thousands of others may not necessarily work for you. There are diets, training methods and supplements that would be greatly effective for many people but wont work at all for many others. It’s a strange thing bodybuilding and how subjective the methods and results are.


I will give you some examples of what I mean. I’m currently on a personal training course to gain some extra qualifications. In class last week the teacher told the class that to build muscle you need to do lots of sets per bodypart and do 8-12 reps. The class then wrote in their note pads that is how to build muscle. If they then saw anyone doing Dorian Yates or Mike Mentzer style training they would go over and tell them it was wrong. However it worked perfectly fine for building muscles for Dorian. My point is even if a teacher tells you something you cant believe it to be the be all and end all of information the teacher was in no way wrong or lying but this is not in any way the only way to build muscle.


Another example is the fear of carbs that many people have when dieting. With the popularity of the atkins diet and general media propaganda creating a fear of carbs most people (unfortunately women especially, sorry) will avoid carbs like the plague. However a lot of bodybuilders diet down to silly low levels of bodyfat with plenty of carbs remaining in their diet.


So you see my point is that even if everyone in the world tells you that something is 100% correct, it may not be correct for you. Try different training methods, try different diets and try different supplements to find what works best for you. If someone tells you that this supplement will add 20lbs of muscle and that diet will help you lose a stone in a week, you should ALWAYS be skeptical. As them to show you the scientific backing and then try it for yourself. Don’t expect major results but just observe and learn what works for you.




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