Adam Gethin's Workout of the Week *Special*

This week I am going to give you a workout to try and give AC the week off!!! Many of you will know I am from a background where I have had to train with guys who take pleasure in making you puke! Kris Gethin & Neil Hill leg workouts anybody? Fortunately, I have learned from that and have graduated as a hardcore leg trainer myself now. Yes I still throw up when I hit them hard, but I have what it takes to go back and finish the job. Do you? I hope so, because this leg workout is all about making you crawl out of the gym! Let's go!

Giant Set X 4

80 reps on the leg press (use a weight where you fail at around 40, rest pause from here! Break it up into 5s, 3s, 2s and 1s!)

Triple drop set leg extensions (15 reps per set, aim to fail around 10 per set then rest pause. Hit 15, then drop the weight and go again!)

Squats for 15 repetitions (nice and slow with deep form)

Dumbbell squats for 15 (hold a 10kg dumbbell in each hand with your arms directly out in front of you. Now squat! The weight is going to act as a counter balancing aid so you can keep your back upright. This forces more stress higher up the thigh, hitting a different area of your legs!)

Still alive?

This workout may only take you 30 minutes to do, but if you can walk out of the gym then you obviously have no feeling in your legs! This will make at least 50% of you spew, go do it!!!

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