Adam Gethin's Tip of the Week

Seriously, I cannot believe it is December already! That is not a grumble because I love this time of the year, I am just saying I am amazed how time can fly! That isn't a completely irrelevant statement in relation to this weeks' Tip of the Week either.

This week my top tip to you is to hold fire on the Christmas goodies. Many will be thinking ''what is he on about'' but let me tell you, as soon as December hits everyone seems to up their calorie intake considerably via sweets, chocolate and other junk. As you know, I am a self-confessed junk food lover but I control it.

This Christmas, and I mean CHRISTMAS not the entire month of December I will enjoy plenty of junk. However, right now please hold back on all the mince pies, booze and chocolate on offer. Stick to your diet, hit the gym hard, keep using your supplements and come the Christmas Eve you will be so grateful for this tip! Simples!

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