Adam Gethin's 4 Week Winter Stack!

When we were just 4 weeks away from Christmas I decided I needed a second breath, a new direction and a new challenge. As you guys know after completing my transformation back in the summer I wanted to add some much needed size to my frame. Starting at around 189lbs from my after photos, I peaked at 213lbs this winter before deciding it was enough. With an original goal of 215lbs by Christmas I was fairly happy, but I didn’t just want to leave it there. With that said, I embarked upon a new 30 day challenge to see how my body would respond to a diet I had never tried before. I decided to go with a LOW carb, high fat, high protein diet. In fact, the only time of the day I get to enjoy carbs is at breakfast when I have 50g of oats and fruit and post-training where I get some kiwi fruit or pineapple. Many of you will know I am an advocator of a balanced diet, but with just 4 weeks until Christmas I thought why not try it and see how I respond. So that’s no cheat meals, no high carb days and no missed meals. So far I have made progress, 1 week in and I feel good. However, I wanted to talk to you about the supplements I am using to keep me on track!


Let’s start with numero uno, the crème de la crème of all supplements. Every morning then I wake up and after every workout I have been using Reflex Native Instant Whey! With many people believing it to be the number whey protein I thought it was time to give it a go over a long period of time. So far, I have not been disappointed!

As I am trying out different products over longer periods of time I decided to give Gaspari Myofusion a break and try a new multi-blend. PhD 6Hr Blend is what I chose and I have found it to be quite frankly amazing, and it tastes incredible! It has really helped keep my blood sugar levels steady, my muscle feeling full and enabled me to recover!


As you all know I am probably MST Cre-O2’s number one fan, and although I have been trying out new products I didn’t have the heart to leave this one out from my basket. With such great results it would be illogical for me to stop using it. In regards to my strength, to date my incline bench pressing on the Smith machine is now up to 120KG for 3-4 repetitions. I don’t normally advocate such low repetition training, but I am doing it with a view to enabling me to press 110KG for more reps. This way my muscles have to work harder than they have ever before!


For my L-glutamine I have stuck with Reflex because I found this product to work very well indeed. It is so simple to use, because I just add a scoop to my protein shakes normally. In regards to recovery and muscle fullness I have certainly noticed a change!


BCAAs are a must all year round for me because they are a fantastic anti-catabolic agent! When you are on a low carb diet I believe you are most susceptible to catabolism, and considering I have bust my ass in the gym for the last few months to gain muscle BCAAs seem a great investment! My choice are PhD BCAAs because they worked wonders on my transformation!


By now you guys know that I don’t make my love for sweet food a secret! Recently I have developed a rather strong love for PhD Diet Whey bars, the nicest tasting protein bar I have EVER tasted and I have probably had them ALL! They are relatively low carb as well, so even on a low carb diet I can have one each day. The CLA and L-carnitine content will also help with fat metabolisation!


So there you go, these are the main supplements I am currently using on my low carb diet! These are there to promote recovery, growth and fight catabolism!

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