AC's Workout of the Week!

This week’s workout is an aerobic circuit designed to get your heart rate up and burn fat. It consists of 2 circuits to be done 3 times each in as fast a time as possible. Doing circuits in this manner is fantastic for weight loss as it will get your heart rate up, get you using all energy systems, burn a lot of calories and work your muscles in many different ways.

The difference with these circuits is that all of the exercises will be based around medicine ball training. The only equipment you will need is a medicine ball. The weight of the ball is totally dependent on your strength and fitness level. I recommend starting with a 2-3kg ball for beginners or women and a 5-6kg ball for advanced trainers or strong guys.

So the first circuit is as follows:

Leg dominant circuit 1: 20 reps on all exercises

Squat to push press:

Hold the medicine ball on your chest, squat down as deep as you can, then when you come back up push the med ball up to full lockout with your arms.

Med ball swings:

Hold your arms straight down and squat so that the ball is touching the floor. Then explode up, keeping your arms straight and swing the ball overhead. Keeping arms straight return to the starting position.

Twisting lunges:

Hold the med ball out in front of you with straight arms. Lunge forward and when you land at the bottom of the rep twist your upper body as fat as you can in the direction of your lead leg. Come back to facing forward then push yourself back to the start position.

Jump squats:

Put the ball on the floor, jump over it, squat down, jump back over the ball and squat. That is one rep.

Twisting side steps:

Hold the ball out in front of you with straight arms, then step to the side and point your foot in the direction you have stepped. Rotate your arms round to point the direction you have faced and lunge down so that your leg gets close to 90 degrees. Then push yourself back into the start position.

Do all of these exercises in sequence. Record how long it takes to do them. Rest for 2 minutes and then go again. Repeat for 3 sets.

Circuit 2:

Medicine ball burpees:

Hold the medicine ball and jump in the air as high as you can. When you land put the ball on the floor, put your hands either side of it in press up position and kick both legs out together. Then bring both legs back in, pick up the ball and jump back up. This is one rep.

Wood choppers:

With arms straight, touch the ball down to the outside of your foot. From there you will stand up and twist, keeping arms straight, and hold the ball over your head and to the opposite side as the foot you nearly touched. Do 10 to one side and then 10 to the other.

Medicine ball punches: 50 reps

Basically stand arms length away from a wall. Hold the ball in between your hands and punch with both arms at the wall. Return to the start position and repeat.

Medicine ball crunches:

Lay on your back with your arms straight up above your face. Crunch your abs and try to push the ball up towards the ceiling.

Turkish get ups: 10 reps

Lay on your back and hold the ball above your body. You must simply stand up without the ball touching the floor in any way. Once you are fully standing, lay back down and repeat.

All exercises are 20 reps again unless stated otherwise. Do the full sequence and record the time. Then repeat twice more and try to beat your best time.

Then to finish off we are going to blast chest. If you cannot do this on your feet (it is very difficult so you may not be able to) then do it on your knees to make it easier.

You will be doing 10 reps on each different press up variation.

So give this a go to really get your heart rate up, work every muscle in your body and all with one simple tool.





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