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Weight gainer shakes are basically protein shakes that have a high amount of calories per serving to allow you to achieve a calorie surplus and gain weight. They are designed to help the typical hardgainers who cant intake enough calories to gain mass or to anyone on the go who doesn’t have time to plan and cook a full meal but needs the nutrients of a large meal.


Weight gainers can come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in price, nutritional breakdown, taste, quality and serving size. This means that its not just a case of picking one and it likely to be the same as all the others so its ok. With things like whey protein powders or amino acid powders there is never a huge difference between the brands or products. However with weight gainers there are so you need to know what you’re looking for.


The first thing you need to consider is what nutritional breakdown you need. If you are lacking protein from your diet but get plenty of carbs and fats then get one that is relatively high protein (maybe 50-60% protein like phd pharma gain). If you are lacking in all nutrients and just don’t eat enough then you can get a higher calorie, slightly lower protein content one like applied nutrition critical mass. Remember though, the lower percentage protein, the larger the serving size so you get less servings per tub. Don’t think a big tub = great value or lots of servings. You have to check the nutritionals first.


So for my top 3 weight gainers I am going to give you my top 3 that cover a range of different nutritionals and goals.


1 – Gaspari real mass:


Real mass is without doubt one of the best tasting protein shakes I have ever used. This is in no way the most important aspect of choosing a protein shake but it certainly helps in this situation. Real mass uses high quality ingredients and uses a well balanced nutritional breakdown. With 50g protein , 78g carbs and 12g good fats it’s a well balanced shake that isn’t too high on carb calories and therefore a massive serving size is not needed. The nutrients also come from high quality sources. The protein blend uses a range of fast and slow acting proteins. The carbohydrates also vary in GI ratings and the fats are good quality fats from things like flaxseed. The price is also fantastic and it is relatively one of the cheapest gainers you can buy.


2. USN Muscle fuel anabolic


USN MFA is an all in one weight gainer. This means that it has the high calorie nutritional properties of a weight gainer but it also includes the ingredients you would find in many ‘all in one’ products. It basically includes creatine, added glutamine, natural test boosters, Beta alanine and many other additions on top of the high protein, carb and fat content. I really like this product as it will aid muscle growth in more ways than simply feeding the muscle the basic nutrients that it needs. The MFA also uses very high quality ingredients and will aid you a lot if you are a hard gainer due to relative high calorific value and the fact that it will aid in strength and performance as well as simply gaining muscle.


3. Applied Nutrition Critical Mass


Critical mass is a mega calorie gainer. It is designed to get as many calories into a serving as possible. The powder itself has over 900 calories per serving so if you drank it with milk it would have over 1200 calories. This is great if you are a hard gainer who struggles to eat enough to gain weight. The majority of the calories do come from fast acting carbs so storing bodyfat could be an issue to anyone other than extreme ectomorphs. However that aspect also makes this product great for post-workout recovery.


So these are my top 3 mass gaining shakes that cover a variety of different possible choices. If you want to gain lean muscle then opt for the real mass, if you want size and strength then I recommend the muscle fuel anabolic and if you want to simply gain weight as fast as possible I would go with the critical mass.



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