The MrGymcredible Series - Part 1

MrOrdinary to MrGymcredible

   A bloke's guide to fitness

Welcome to my journey! Each issue we will be following a month of my year where I went from ordinary to gymcredible using only will power and a small budget.

Part 1) Jan-Feb 2011

2010 ended how all good new years should, drunk and covered in cake crumbs. Only this New Year my good friends taunted me and suggested I couldn't stop gorging on the good life. So I DID!!


The first morning

like all new year resolutions I attacked it hard trying a one mile run still feeling the effects of last nights exertions.

January the 1st is NOT a great day to start a new lifestyle choice, it seemed as I rounded every corner I was greeted by the smell of full English breakfasts begging me not to give up on them, their grip I felt tighten and added to a pain in my stomach I'd never felt

(Later to be known as a stitch) I gave up. Four days later and I had a bacon sandwich so I quickly understood something.


I was not going to be able to do this alone.

If like me you've tried a change and failed its NOT your fault it's simply someone has told you it's not possible. That’s the problem, if someone can't do something and they see you doing it they will act negative. Learn this lesson quickly and only talk to the achievers NOT the believers.

A chance encounter.

I brought a magazine and an advert for was chosen at random. I placed the call and was greeted by a representative called Adam Campbell. I said I had in my hand the company's flyer, he said which one. I told him and he said "Oh yeah I'm in that one"

The first thing I thought is what a fat head giving it all the big un, but of course if he looks like he talks he must know what he's talking about.

Little did I know what he was talking about would make Carol Vorderman weak at the knees. We had molecular this, enriched that and words similar to Stephan Hawkins on drugs. I simply wanted to know will I look like you.

Deep pockets.

It turned out I COULD look like Adam but at a Price. We negotiated and I came away with a FREE shaker (Alan Sugar I am not) but more importantly I had made a commitment, I felt I couldn't turn back now I'd spent money!!.

Needing a goal.

I was still worrying about my failure in under four days record, also people were starting to ask questions when I said I'd given up beer for a year, questions strangely like WHY ?? Like I'd announced I'd taken a vow of celibacy. I needed a reason to tell them and a motivation and then it hit me!


So Mrgymcredible’s year of no beer or sat fat was created. And this is the second piece of advice I can give you. Pick something personal to you; believe me when I say if you want to follow me you are going on a dark path. If you choose a goal that means failure would be more painful than accidentally sitting down too hard on your own testicles you will stand less chance of caving in when Ronald and his mate Sanders call you at midnight drunk telling you of a grease party your invited to.

So that was January, think of it like laying the foundations for your dream home but now I was going to have to BUILD something and that meant joining a GYM !!!!

See you next time. Much love and double thumbs up MrG!

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