4 Things Elite Athletes Will Do In The Gym!

For the everyday guy on the street it can be a puzzling journey, trying to attain the physique of your dreams. Whilst you may not have the genetic make up of an elite athlete, there is no excuse in regards to the effort you put in around the clock. I am talking training, eating and using the right supplements and above all else being consistent with all three! Here are 4 things all top elite athletes will do with their training, which you can replicate to ensure your goals are achieved as fast as possible!

Train hard or go home!

Have you checked out our own MonsterSupplements.com t-shirts which bear that very saying? Maybe you should get yourself one to remind you why you are going to the gym. All elite athletes will train to and beyond the limits. You may spend the same amount of time as an elite athlete in the gym, yet they will push harder which is what counts. Make a change today and challenge yourself to train HARD every workout! No backing out, no excuses just train until your target muscle group cannot do anything else but fail!

Train intelligently!

No, we don’t stock a t-shirt with such a saying but it doesn’t mean this title isn’t relevant. As well as training you’re A R S E off, you need to train with intelligence. This means focussing on what you are doing whilst you’re in the gym and knowing why! For example, if you are training chest it is no good just bench pressing, then flyes then dips just because. If your upper pecs are a weak area then target them with every exercise with brutal intensity, walk out that gym knowing you took your pecs to a point where they could give no more. Whilst you do this, always remember to use weights which you can achieve a full muscular contraction with every rep! This is training smart!

Train the muscle, not your ego!

Don’t worry; there will be no more references to t-shirt prints! This point is directly linked to the point above. Whilst you train intelligently you must also ensure you are training the muscle, not your ego. Any elite athlete will tell you they train to stimulate the muscle for whatever their goal is, whether it is strength, hypertrophy, endurance or whatever else. Never will they waste any of their precious gym time massaging their over sized ego lifting too heavy to impress the talent in the gym! If you are serious about making headway with your training, this is an attitude you are going to have to adopt as well!

Over training – an easy sin!

It is actually quite easy to over train, especially small muscle groups like your biceps and triceps. Many people will spend up to 2 hours in the gym which is crazy, because you are just going to over train the muscle. Elite athletes train extremely hard so after an hour they couldn’t give anymore if they tried. This is very important that you understand the importance of rest and avoiding over training. When you over train, it leads to catabolism or in other words muscle loss!

There are 4 easy steps to follow that you can be sure all top elite athletes are utilising in the gym today!

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