4 Things An Elite Athlete Will Do In The Kitchen!

Earlier in the week we discussed 4 things all elite athletes will do in the gym, or more specifically their attitude and efforts in the gym. Today we are going to outline 4 things all elite athletes will do in the kitchen, which for me is the most important part of being an athlete. One of the best sayings I ever heard was, ‘’you cannot out train a bad diet’’ and that is so true! To make sure your time in the gym is an investment in your future health and shape, follow these 4 points.

Meal frequency

Every elite athlete will recognise the importance of frequent eating windows, normally in circa of every 3 hours depending on the goal. Missing a single meal during your preparation, whatever the goal, can have a massively negative impact. All of the progress and momentum each meal has built up for you has been lost. The muscles go into a catabolic state and your fat burning has been turned right down. It can take many days to regain this momentum. Moral of the story – don’t miss a meal!


Going along similar lines to point one, an elite athlete will always be prepared. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail! With the importance of eating every meal outlined above, preparation is of extreme importance also! An elite athlete will always keep MRP powder and MRP bars in their car, in their gym bag, at work and wherever else they spend a lot of time. This way, there really is no reason to ever miss that 3 hour window!


Elite athletes will recognise the fact that it is best to get your nutrients from a cross-section of foods. Opposed to just living on chicken 6 times a day, it is more beneficial to get some protein from beef, oily fish, turkey and egg whites as well. The same can be said for your carbohydrate and fat sources. Why? Simply because each food has its own benefits and by utilising different foods your body can enjoy the positives. It also keeps your body guessing because it doesn’t become used to eating the same meal every 3 hours!


Everyone feels like eating something they shouldn’t eat from time to time, myself included! However, an elite athlete will not cheat! Cheating cannot be an option if you are genuinely keen to achieve your ultimate goal! Have protocol in place should the desire ever arise. Healthy snacks such as peanut butter with carrot sticks is a great one, because the fats help suppress cravings whilst the carrots give you a sweet taste.

There are 4 simply yet extremely effective points which elite athletes will adhere to. If you want to get serious then you need to do the same!

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