3 Reasons to Stay Lean 365 Days a Year!

Bulking is often another term used to describe ‘eat what the hell I like!’ This should not be the case and it is in fact abusing your right to eat large quantities of food. To gain muscle it is advisable to eat regularly, eat plenty of food but more importantly make sure the quality of the food is good. Here are three reasons why you should avoid eating junk to bulk and focus on growing muscle, not your waistline!


Intensity in the gym is an absolute must! Too many people in this commercial gym culture pussy foot about in the gym and back down when it ‘hurts!’ This cannot be you, if you want to grow! Saying that, if you are gaining fat faster than you are gaining muscle then your intensity will be compromised. You will be out of breath too easily, you will get lactic acid build up faster because your cardiac system isn’t as efficient which makes for a pretty poor workout! Keep your on track clean and carbohydrate and fat sources clean! Complex carbohydrates should be coming from oats, sweet potato, brown pasta, brown rice and even baked potato. Your fats should come from fish oils, red meat, egg yolks, oily fish and nuts.

Anabolic effect

There is a very interesting relationship with being lean and being anabolic. If you take yourself at 10% body fat and then 20%, then difference in anabolism is alarming. Why? Simply put the Aromatase enzyme lives within your fat cells. This is responsible for the aromatisation of testosterone into estrogen, a catabolic hormone. This is very counter productive to your muscle gaining goals when you consider your free testosterone levels are going to seriously decrease! Therefore it sure does make sense to stay lean even when bulking up!

Nutrient assimilation

If your diet is clean your insulin sensitivity is increased, which is a good thing. If on the other hand you are carrying more body fat, your insulin will shuttle many of the nutrients you eat into the fat cells. As a result less of the nutrients you want to reach your muscle are going to get there, resulting in slower recovery and growth!

There are three very simply yet very logical reasons as to why you need to stay lean all year round, if your goal is to gain muscle! To stay lean eat clean sources of food, keep your intensity in the gym very high and throw in the occasional dosage of cardio to keep the metabolism firing on all cylinders!

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