3 Reasons to Keep Going!

With a clear goal set all you have to do is set out on the journey right? As nice and as beautifully simplistic as that sounds in reality it is never that easy. Along the way you will be met with obstacles, some bigger than others which will either deny you reaching your goal, OR act as an extra stimulus to reaching your goal. It is entirely down to you which direction you take, here are three very easy and effective ways to ensure you take the correct route!


At some point something triggered your mind to say ‘’I need to lose weight’’ or ‘’I want to gain some muscle mass’’ and you need to always remember WHY you thought that! Whether it is in the first week, fifth week or tenth week of your new journey you will feel like giving up, OR straying a little at times. This is human nature and it is fine to feel this way, but you need to have something in place to prevent you from actually breaking the rules. Knowing your WHY will certainly help!

Negative people

In one respect I hate negativity, but in another away I love it! Throughout life you will come across people who doubt you, tell you can’t achieve something and enjoy seeing you fail. Don’t you just love these people? Why? Well, if I say I am going to be in the best shape of my life in 12 weeks and I know there are certain people praying I will fail, you can bet your bottom dollar I will get there! Days when I want fish and chips, when I want that chocolate biscuit and days where I want to miss meals are all got through because of these negative people! All together, let’s thank the negative people in our life because without them it would be so easy to give up!

The future

Maybe for years you have dreamed what life would be like when you had a 6 pack and the body to match. Whether it was because you want to be a chick magnet, feel more confident or to inspire others you need to remember the reason. Now imagine yourself in 12 months time, in the situation you have dreamed about OUT of shape! How does it feel? Pretty depressing right? Now imagine yourself there in the best shape of your life, and I bet you feel a million dollars! That feeling of excitement, fulfilment and happiness has to act as a motivator through your journey!

There are three very simple steps to follow when you find it hard to stay on track. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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