3 Quality Sources of Complex Carbohydrates!

Food plays an instrumental part on your journey to building muscle mass! In my opinion, during a bulking phase eating enough high quality complex carbohydrates is particularly important! Without them, your body could well be under fuelled and end up becoming catabolic as your muscle glycogen levels become depleted! Slow release complex carbohydrates fuel anaerobic workouts; therefore it makes sense to eat them. Get over your ‘carbophobia’ this winter and make some real gains with these 3 different, but equally as effective sources of complex carbs!


Per 100g – calories 389 - carbohydrates 66g - protein 16g - fats 7g - Glycemic Index 51 (low)

Most athletes whether they are a professional rugby player, football player, bodybuilder, powerlifter or MMA fighter will eat oats on a daily basis! There are several very good reasons for this! Oats are very cheap, they go well with several different foods and they also have some great health benefits. Studies have shown that having a daily serving of oats can potentially decrease your bad cholesterol levels (LDL levels) due to the fact it is a healthy source of HDL (good cholesterol!). HDL (high density lipoprotein) helps transport unhealthy cholesterol to the liver where it can be processed and removed from the body. With all this being said, oats are a superb way to start your day at breakfast and fuel your workouts!

FitMag oat recipe special

60g oats

½ chopped banana

30g blueberries

2 sliced strawberries

25g almonds


Microwave for 150 seconds

Add 2 scoops of chocolate or vanilla protein powder and mix! ENJOY!

Brown rice

Per 100g – calories 111 – carbohydrates 23g – protein 3g – fats 1g – Glycemic Index 55 (low)

Brown rice is possibly the most popular and common choice of complex carbohydrates for the average athlete today! This is mainly down to the fact that rice goes with just about any meat, you can bulk cook it and it tastes good hot or cold. This really is an ideal source of complex carbohydrates throughout the day! As you will notice, brown rice is relatively low in calories compared to oats. As a result this could be a better choice of carbohydrates for your evening meal or snack if carbs are a must with every meal!

FitMag brown rice recipe special

Place 150g brown rice in bowl of cold water overnight (this softens it)

Cook 150g brown rice

Steam 100g broccoli & 1 chopped carrot

Grill 200g chicken breast & 100g pineapple

Once all cooked, add a tablespoon of LOW sugar sweet & sour sauce! ENJOY!

Sweet potato

Per 100g – calories 90 – carbohydrates 21g – protein 2g – fats 0g – Glycemic Index 17 (Low)

Sweet potatoes taste fantastic grilled or baked and offer a great source of complex carbs as well as many other healthy benefits. Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, B6 and C which are all essential in promoting over well being, muscle recovery and growth. You also get a great dose of minerals including potassium which is essential in promoting good muscle contraction. Dietary fibre is also something sweet potatoes offer in abundance! This low calorie, high quality complex carbohydrate truly is a great food for the modern day health conscious athlete or general person.

FitMag sweet potato recipe special

250g grilled sweet potato (with skin on)

Fry ½ red onion, ½ red pepper, ½ green pepper using 1 cal extra virgin olive oil spray

150g lean rib-eye steak grilled

1 whole egg

5 stalks of steamed asparagus with small glazing of manuka honey

There you go guys, 3 of the very best sources of high quality muscle building complex carbs!

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