Why You Should Be Drinking Beetroot Juice!

Beetroot juice has been shown to have both health benefits and performance enhancing capabilities.

Beetroot juice can potentially help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and regulate blood pressure. It has been shown to help reduce blood pressure which means it could potentially be useful for those looking to maintain a healthy blood pressure as well as those who need to lower their blood pressure.

Top Tip – ‘’for anyone who does suffer with high blood pressure it is advisable that you do see a Doctor with the expertise to prescribe the correct course of action.’’

It is also abundant with iron content which means it can be very useful for anybody who has a naturally low iron count, such as those prone to anaemia.

The fibre in beetroot has also been shown to lower cholesterol and beetroot also contains betaine which can help aid in healthy liver function (See here liver article for more info on supporting a healthy liver function)

So there are the health benefits but now the question is -

Should you be juicing pre workout?

…with beetroot juice of course!

The real benefits of beetroot juice come in its performance enhancing properties.

Beetroot juice is naturally high in dietary nitrates and has been shown to reduce the oxygen uptake during exercise enhancing oxygen usage efficiency, in turn enhancing stamina and endurance.

The study by Exeter university came to the conclusion that -

“There was a significant reduction in the oxygen cost of exercise and a significant reduction of energy demand at a particular work rate meaning athletes can train for longer at the same high intensity”

This study demonstrated that by consuming beetroot juice prior to exercise there was a 16% increase in your ability to exercise for longer.

It would appear that investing in some beetroot juice could be quite a good idea considering the endless list of positive effects it can have on your body!

I would suggest 250ml/Daily for health benefits and 250-500ml pre workout for performance benefits.



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