Using a Pre-workout Supplement - 3 Reasons Why You Will Grow!

Flick through a ‘muscle mag’ and it won’t take you long to come across bold advertisements showing you the most hardcore, muscle pumping, skin tearing pre-workout stimulants. Do you really need them though? Well, if muscle mass is the goal then FitMag would argue YES! Considering pre-workouts formulas have now become a staple within most avid gym goers supplement stack, FitMag is going to give you 3 reasons you need a pre-workout formula!


The muscle fibres within any given muscle group are wrapped up in a sheath of muscle fibre called the fascia. The fascia is best described as a very strong elastic band; it doesn’t like to stretch making it very stubborn. Why is this relevant to muscle growth? The fascia has the ability to dictate the level of growth within your muscle groups, because it quite literally compresses the muscle so there is no room left for new muscle tissue to develop. Now you see the issue! What can a pre-workout supplement do to help get around this problem?

By stimulating additional blood flow into the muscle you are training the fascia is stretched out over time. Think of it like this sticking with the elastic band analogy, after stretching a very strong elastic band out for a long period of time its elasticity increases. As a result, there is now more room for new muscle tissue! Stretching the fascia is vital and a pre-workout formula is absolutely the best way to achieve this, simply because the amount of blood this sort of supplement can drive into the muscle.

Top Tip – L-Arginine is a very effective vasodilator which helps maximise blood flow into the muscle.


With the blood flowing readily into your target muscle group it stands to reason you will be able to train harder. There is more oxygen present in the muscle which will delay the onset of muscle fatigue, enabling you to get more reps. Your ATP synthesis should increase partly due to the creatine content in the pre-workout formula, AND the fact that it is transported into the muscle cell via the blood flow into the muscle. Improved ATP synthesis can equate to more power, strength and better muscular endurance.

Top Tip – many pre-workout formulas now contain creatine monohydrate. This is a very well fast absorbed creatine which helps to increase ATP synthesis.


To build muscle you need solid foundations and that begins with complete recovery. The pre-workout formula is there to prime your muscles for a beasting and then fuel your muscles to train beyond the limit. However, there are several top pre-workout supplements which contain ingredients to promote optimum recovery. During and right after your workout you become catabolic very quickly which is why you need anti-catabolic ingredients to promote recovery!

Top Tip – L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid on the market, and it is the best amino acid when it comes to optimum recovery. Anti-catabolism is its middle name!

There are three very good reasons as to why you should be using a pre-workout formula this winter. If muscle mass gains are top of your wish list, a pre-workout is an absolute must!

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