October Transformation of the Month!

I’d like to share with you, the 11 week transformation I made during PhD Nutrition’s Cover Model Challenge… I will go through the ins and outs of my diet, training and supplementation plan and tell you how I was helped along the journey by the PhD nutrition range and Anabolic Designs Transform Stack.

Firstly I’d like to introduce myself, and give you a little insight to my training background….

I'm Dave Humphreys, or you may see me kicking about on the FitForum as ‘DHumphreys’. I’m 21 years old and been "working out" for around 2 and a bit years now, albeit only in the past year have I began to do it properly.

The Beginning......
I had second thoughts about putting the following picture up, as it is VERY embarrassing! But I thought it would be good to see the changes made and to be fair, I couldn’t be happier with the how my training and physique has progressed....

I was roughly 8-9 Stone (If that!) and had a nice stable diet of fish fingers and waffles! It wasn't the physique any body would be proud of, but at the time I didn’t think it was that bad!!

The Turning point in my training

Having gone through a shit time when I was 18, I decided that I needed something to take my mind off things, and release all the stored aggression. Early 2009, I found solitude in one of the local leisure centers and began to train.

At the start, I'll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing! I still had a shockingly un-healthy diet, and my technique was nowhere to be seen. Going from machine to machine in the gym, with no real desire or direction, I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I was probably one of those guys you look at when your in the gym and you feel you need to give them guidance, even though you just leave them too it......

I kept training this way, up until around 15 months ago, when I changed my whole outlook on training, and started "bodybuilding". I looked at every aspect of what I was doing and radically changed everything. I started researching a lot more and actually started to realise how it all works.

Up until then, I had only ever used body fortress (Holland and Barretts special!) protein, which tasted horrible and had the texture of sand.

The diet, supplements, workouts all changed and I began to see some actual results from my training.

Having done my research, I had two options… Get lean or put on some size. Holding minimal muscle, the first wasn’t an option for me, so I decided to try and put on some size.

Diet looked A LOT better, training was more structured, and I now had a new passion, which according to my girlfriend was borderline obsessive!

I toyed with many diets and training plans, yo-yoing between ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ phases up to the present day….

So onto the transformation;

I’ll kick things off with my ‘BEFORE’ pictures…. These were taken on July 3rd of this year, the beginning of the transformation.

My membership to my local gym ran out in April, and with rising costs and apprentice wages, I had no option to train. And as you can see by the pictures, not only did the training lapse, I took a few weeks (month or two!) off dieting, and let my self go a little bit (a lot).

It was at that moment, I saw the PhD Cover Model Competition been advertised in one of the many fitness magazines that I subscribe too. This is what sparked my new found motivation again, and I now became focused on one thing, Winning!

This also fit right in with my holiday plans, two weeks all inclusive in theCaribbeanwith my partner at the end of September, and I wanted to look good! My aim was for people to look at me on the beach, instead of eyeing up the misses!

So the journey began….

The Training

Before the competition, and since starting training, I have effectively been sticking to ‘bodybuilding’ type routines. Mainly focusing on aesthetics and trying to achieve that ‘look’, rather than functional type training.

This all changed at the end of May, when I finally plucked up the courage to begin MMA, mixed martial arts. Having wanting to go for ages, but not knowing where to go, and having no one to go with, I put it off for well over a year. It was only when I spoke to an old school friend who said he’s training for an upcoming MMA bout and said I should pop down with him

Since then, my love for the sport has grown and I bitten the MMA bug!

So the training has changed from ‘bodybuilding’ routines, to functional strength and conditioning work and many different classes including Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu etc…. Now this is where I made it difficult for myself! I understood it was a transformation competition, but doing routines for aesthetics would not benefit my MMA training at all. So I looked at the big picture, and decided to stick to the strength work to and hope the effort I put in and the change in diet alone showed in the ‘After’ pictures.

Each session revolved around big compound lifts (Snatch, Deadlift, Squats, Cleans, Presses etc…) but assistance exercises and conditioning exercises varied. To list every session would be impractical, so please check out my competition log and you will be able to see every single workout I did! (https://www.phd-supplements.com/forum/showthread.php?32921-DH-s-Competition-Log.)

Half way through the competition I started doing fasted steady state cardio vascular upon waking. I also increased my cardio in the last two weeks, adding an extra 20 minutes in post weights.

The Diet

Before constructing my diet, I determined my BMR to find my calorific need. I simply factored in cardio and workouts and determined what my baseline was. I started by eating just under maintenance, and gradually lowering it when I saw a stop in weight loss).

Here is the first diet I constructed;

Meal 1 (Immediately Upon Waking) - 1 1/2 Scoop Whey+ 2-3 Raw Eggs
Meal 2 - 40g Oats + Cup of Blueberries
Meal 3 - 200g Sweet Potato + around 200g Meat (This will vary between White Fish, Salmon, Swordfish, Chicken, Ostrich, Steak and Extra Lean Steak Mince)
Meal 4 - 1 Scoop Whey + Cup of Almonds
Meal 5 - Same as Meal 3
Pre-Workout Meal - 1 Scoop Whey + 1 Scoop Vitargo + 1 tbsp EVOO
Intra-Workout - BCAA drink or something similar
Post Workout – Recovery 2:1
Meal 6 - Same as Meal 3 minus the Sweet Potato
Bedtime shake – Protein Blend + Blended Frozen Broccoli

A few weeks into the challenge, I’ll admit I panicked! I was seeing some good losses, but I knew I wasn’t going to get in nearly as good shape as I needed to be in to have any chance at all of winning. I then played about with it, decreasing carbohydrate’s further (too much probably). I changed it to just eating carbohydrates immediately upon waking and immediately post workout. I started to see the losses, but with heavy training I ultimately sacrificed some muscle loss. Coming up to the final 3 weeks, I asked a friend to look over the current diet plan which he tweaked accordingly. Here’s the diet I went into the final few weeks with, and the diet I should probably have used all along!

Post morning CV - 2 Scoops Whey  + 50g Oats
9:30 - Steak + 50g Wholegrain Rice
11.30 - Diet Whey bar + Cup of Almonds
Pre-workout meal - Whey isolate + 25g Oats
Post-workout  - ^^^ Same as above
Meals after are Chicken and broccoli (2 meals, evenly spaced for the rest of the day)
Pre-bed - 2 scoops Casein or Blend Shake


In this section, I will be going over the supplements I used within the competition. I will explain a little about the product, why I choose it and how it benefited my training. Click the picture on the side to get taken to product description, where you will find everything you need to know about it!

PHARMA WHEY HT – This was my all round whey shake which was used at various points of the day. It was mainly used first thing in the morning, were after 8 hours of fasting, my muscles craved the quality nutrients this product delivers. This was also used during my depletion stage of the competition, taking over from Recovery 2:1 as my Post Workout shake. As a quality bio-engineered whey protein complex with added Hydrolysed whey, BCAA’s and L-Glutamine, these quality ingredients make it perfect for helping with recovery, enabling an anabolic environment within the muscles to help promote size, strength and performance gains. It also includes the added benefits of digestive enzymes and pro-biotic to aid guy health and aid digestion.

My flavour of choice for Pharma Whey HT has to be Chocolate Mint, its absolutely gorgeous!

RECOVERY 2:1 – The perfect choice after those intense sessions! It does exactly what the name suggests, and aids recovery, giving your body the much needed nutrients for you to be ready for the next grueling session! This was a key supplement throughout my 11 weeks, doing 2 and sometimes 3 sessions a day, it was vital that my glycogen stores where replenished and my muscles were fully recovered. It has a perfect balance of carbohydrates, both fast acting and slow acting, ensuring  not only immediate glycogen replenishment, but also a slow sustained release to soften the ‘sugar’ effect, making sure there is no ‘crash’ which is often the case with many post workouts. Its other ingredients (Whey protein isolate, l-glutamine, creatine and BCAA’s) all help aid recovery, essential to any athletes post workout.

I’ve tried all the flavours of Recovery, but I always go back to Berry Blast, superb taste.

CLA – This is a fairly straight forward product, one which I take all year round. Its proven that CLA helps to prevent fat being deposited in the cells, therefore the storage of fat is reduced, aiding in reductions to body fat. This is perfect for both ‘cutting’ and ‘bulking’ phases, to help reduce bodyfat and increase muscle mass.


Diet Whey – One of the best tools in fat loss and lean muscle gains. Its ingredients ensure there is a steady release of nutrients aiding in recovery and proteinsynthesis. This helped me a lot to stop hunger pangs and its added extra’s (green tea extract, CLA, flaxseed, L-Carnitine) ensured my body was in a perfect environment to promote fat loss, giving my self another advantage within the competition.


My favourite flavour of Diet Whey, has to be Belgian Chocolate! Definitely the nicest ‘chocolate’ flavour of all the brands of protein I’ve tasted, and that’s a lot!!! B-E-A-Utiful!


Diet Whey Bars – Ideal snack to curb hunger pangs. Taste is sensational, Id stick my neck out and say the best tasting protein bar on the market, and even nicer than any normal chocolate bar (I went through boxes of Chocolate Cookie!). Full of quality macro’s, with all the bonuses of the weightloss aids the diet whey provides. It’s carb concious (Only 1g of sugar), and is the perfect bar to reach for when temptation is looming. Grab a mars bar, or grab a Diet Whey Bar, I know which one I’d prefer! If you have a sweet tooth and can’t resist cheating throughout the day, I would highly recommend these.


Creatine Monohydrate – No hardcore training plan can go without creatine! It really helped me keep my strength gains, even whilst in a massive calorie defecit. As a Mixed Martial Artist, it is a perfect supplement which can increase strength, explosiveness, increased aerobic and anaerobic ability, boost short-time energy stores and increase total work capacity. All vital parts to ensure you get the best out of each session, ensuring I become the best athlete I can possibly be. I took 10grams per day, and reaped the rewards in terms of strength and explosiveness!


L-Glutamine – Very straight forward product, designed to restrict muscle-loss, maintain strength levels and to assist recovery. I took this immediately upon waking, before every solid meal, pre and post workout and before bed. I believe this product has helped me a lot through this competition, being in a calorie deficit for 11 weeks is tough, but this, complimented with the rest of the PhD range has helped me achieve my goals.


HMB – I believe this is essential to any calorie deficit program. It helped me recovery quicker after the intense sessions and helped prevent muscle wastage. As the fat began to melt away, I managed to keep plenty of muscular size, to which I believe is down to a number of PhD products, especially HMB.


PHARMA BLEND 6HR – This blended protein was my weapon of choice for my pre-bed shake! Perfect blend of proteins to ensure a steady stream of nutrients are delivered to the muscles when your body needs it the most. During the time you are sleeping, this is the time you are growing and recovering, so it is vital to get plenty of good quality ingredients that Pharma Blend 6HR has to offer into your system. Belgian chocolate in this is amazing (Exactly like the Diet Whey Belgian Chocolate), or the other flavour to look out for is White Chocolate, tastes fantastic! All of PhD’s protein powders mix brilliant, and this is no exception. Mixes with minimal water and having a nice texture which is easy to go down!


To get the entire PhD range at the very best prices please follow the link below!



ANABOLIC DESIGNS TRANSFORM STACK – This is an amazing stack, which played the vital role of the transformation of stripping fat and maintaining muscle mass. Shredabull is a potent fat burner which gave me the energy needed for those grueling morning workouts, and provided the perfect environment for my body to burn fat. Whilst Tauro-Test helped maintain muscular size and kept my strength levels high throughout the competition, even when in a massive calorie deficit! These product are truly outstanding, and I would recommend them to anyone serious about stripping fat whilst providing an anabolic environment for your muscles.

To get the full Anabolic Designs range at the very best prices please follow the link below!


Competition Highlights

The competition was very tough, but despite this I’d like to share with you some of the high points during the last 11 weeks;


  • After just 4 weeks of ‘MMA’ training, I won theHulland District Inter-Club Submission Grappling Competition for my weight class (At the time I weighed in at 83kg – Middleweight)
  • As my training progressed, I was asked to do a number of MMA bouts, but I turned them down. I want to be the best athlete I can before I step into the cage. I don’t want to be a participant, and just rush in. I want to WIN. Im looking at having my first semi-proffessional bout in March on the 10th Legion card.
  • A huge amount of weight loss – 14kg in 11 weeks
  • With all the hard work and determination, I can easily say that Im in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Not only am I looking my best, but this has been coupled with better confidence and I feel fantastic!
  • Its not really a highlight to many people, but only having my first salad when I was 20 (Yes I know, 20!!! Depressing isnt it!). I went to not eating any veg, to eating around 1kg of broccoli every 3 days. Which for me, is very impressive! I was always the one of trained, and got the protein requirements, but the rest of the diet was shocking. Now, im eating healthier, and thanks to this competition im finally eating right and enjoying it in the process!

I’d like to thank PhD Nutrition for giving me the determination and drive I needed to sort training and diet out! This competition has really changed my life…. I went from un-motivated, overweight and depressed, to looking good, feeling great and finally being confident about myself.

I’d also like to thank Anabolic Designs and PhD for producing the quality supplements that have supported me on this journey, and this article is a testimony to how great they are! They’ve helped me achieve so much already, and they will continue to be apart of my training to help me become a better athlete.

I’d also like to thank Anabolic Designs, Joe Binley and sponsored athlete Johnny Reid who helped me greatly with the final build up. Much appreciated guys!


Now them moment I’ve been waiting for the last 11 weeks! The after pictures! These where taken on the 15th of September, a couple of weeks before the actual deadline date. But I will be in the Caribbean on the deadline date, so I had to cut short my training schedule and make the most of the time I had available. With an extra couple of weeks I believe I could have made an even greater transformation, but nevertheless I put my all into it, and hopefully it has shown.

Here they are;

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