Team Effort - Hell and Back in 20 Minutes!

We have said it before and we will say it again, convenience is one of the most sort after things in our modern world like it or not! As much as people want to train there are times when they just don’t have that spare 45 minutes to tear it up in the gym! So we thought we would show you a way in which you can blast through a workout in about 20 minutes with your training partner!

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This is a very unorthodox and intense way to train, but if you and your training partner are short on time then needs must! It is important you do this with a training partner for two reasons – 1) because they govern your rest periods between sets, and 2) because there has to be a competitive element involved to ensure you don’t stop!


Let’s take arm training for example, and you only have 20 minutes remember! You are going to choose just one exercise for biceps and one exercise for triceps. For arguments sake let’s say barbell curls and triceps pushdowns. Easy!

Do your first set of bicep curls aiming for a repetition range of 20-30 and as soon as you fail, your training partner takes over and does his or her set. Staying with the same weight, both of you go again and this time you will probably fail at 15-20 repetitions. Now you need to drop the weight slightly so you can keep hitting your 10-12 repetitions with your first set, then your 6-8 reps with your second set. Continue to do these back to back sets for 10 minutes with your training partner. This is a very high volume workout, the blood will literally be gushing into the target muscle and the sweat will be pouring out of your skin!

All you have to do for triceps is follow the very same pattern as you did for biceps! This can be done for any body part. It is a great way to get a workout done with your training partner when otherwise you wouldn’t bother training!


You will probably be wondering what the benefits are to such a short workout and why the repetition ranges are relatively high.

The key benefits are as follows –

Blood volume – the level of blood being forced into your muscles in such a short space of time will really shock the fascia, giving it a great stretch! It is the fascia you need to really stretch in order to create room for new muscle tissue.

Slow twitch – by hitting your slow twitch muscle fibres you will be tapping into a large percentage of muscle tissue which you wouldn’t normally stimulate with heavy training!

Fat loss – due to the sheer intensity of this short workout your heart rate will take a great leap which will really help fire up your metabolism!

Low risk – when you are tight on time and need to get in and out, high repetition high volume is the way forward! If you did this workout with a weight where you would fail at 8-12 you are seriously risking injury! With such little time you won’t be able to warm up. High repetition training doesn’t really require you to warm up because the resistance is far less on your joints and you warm up as you go!

Fun – there is nothing like getting a massive pump in your muscles and seeing who can do more reps, going head to head with your training partner!

If you find yourself short on time don’t be so hasty to avoid the gym! Instead, give your training partner a buzz and say you are going to go to hell and back in just 20 minutes!!!


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