Sian Toal - Trick or Treat?

One thing I've learnt over years of training myself and training clients, is that you can only rely on yourself. Particularly when it comes to food. I pretty much, 90% of the time prepare my own food and take it with me. I do like to eat out but there are a few things I look out for to keep me on track. Cafes, restaurants, bars, sandwich shops really don't care if you are losing weight or changing your diet, reducing your salt intake or following a plan. That doesn't make them money. They want to lure you in and sell you their product. In a previous article I mentioned little tricks played by supermarkets and so called 'healthy food' manufacturers, well they're all at it! Like a wicked witch luring you into the gingerbread house....! We can easily be seduced by words and imagery, particularly when it comes to food. Nostalgic memories can have life breathed into them by a certain smell and the description of a Sunday lunch can transport you back to your grandmothers dining table. But watch out, they're out to get you. Don't be dumb!!! Wise up a bit and like I always say to clients, no more excuses. Take responsibility for yourself. These are a few favourites I've seen today.....

1) 'come inside for a wholesome, hearty breakfast'
So I went in. It was not exactly what it says on the tin other than being a breakfast. The 'wholesome hearty' part can make you feel that you're doing your body a favour. Fuelling it for the day ahead. In reality it was closer to a greasy spoon special....

2) 'freshly baked'
Seen by me on a packet for a greasy looking sausage roll, being eaten by a woman on the tube at 6.15am. Nice image tho, huh? 'freshly baked' conjures up a vision of a country kitchen producing a fresh loaf of bread by a well fed farmers wife. It's still a sausage roll. A roll of oil, trans fats and fatty meat offcuts. Freshly baked (perhaps back at the factory it was) or not, it's a greasy sausage roll mass produced to be blasted by the microwave just before it's handed to you. Don't be dumb and just call a spade a spade.

3) 'fat free!!!'
Ahhh, Muller and Haribo's favourite trick. Fat free but loaded with sugar. Which will make your body convert it to fat anyway when not used. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

4) Contains real fruit!
As opposed to fake fruit...? Just EAT THE ACTUAL FRUIT.

5) 'delicious, nutritious shake! Contains vitamins and minerals'
Yeah so does food. Replace your meals to lose weight....?
WHAT!!! since when has replacing real food with a drink EVER been a good idea? A protein drink can supplement your diet and give you great benefits. The key word is 'supplement'. Eat real, clean food, supplement wisely with advice and don't kid yourself.

Once you can see through some of these tricks and stop falling for them, your goals will become closer and the frustration of not getting there will be cut down. So simple when you take some time to think about what you feed yourself and from where. Go get that goal!

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