PhD Synergy Iso-7 & PhD V-Max Pump 1/2 Price!

For anyone looking to gain muscle, gain strength and really up their intensity levels in the gym this winter we have the stack for you!

As you know, during my 12 week transformation I used PhD V-Max Pump religiously and I can honestly say there is not a pre-workout formula quite like it!!! It gave me insane pumps, my strength and energy levels were through the roof and I could sleep no problem at all afterwards. Many pre-workouts won't enable you to sleep until the early hours which is counter productive, forcing cortisol levels through the roof. This can make you catabolic and make you gain fat!

PhD Synergy Iso-7 is arguably the best all in one supplement on the market! With 5g of creatine per serving it has a legitimate effect on every athlete who uses it. Many all-in-ones may contain creatine, but dosages below 5g are not neccessarily going to work. PhD Synergy Iso-7 also delivers a fantastic serving of protein a long with quality carbs. As a result you are using a product which can really aid in muscle recover, growth and strength and performance levels.

This stack represents tremendous value, get it via the link below!


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