November Q&A With Chris Jenkins

What triceps exercises can I do to help me bench more?
Close grip bench press is the daddy of tricep exercises, use a shoulder width grip. If you go narrower you could injure your wrists. You can handle a lot of weight and they are also in the same line as your bench. I also like JM Presses and Rolling Tricep Extensions, I tend to do 4 sets of 6-8 rep range on bench day. Narrow grip dips are also fantastic, but nothing replaces block benching, try benching with a narrow grip off 2/3 boards for sets of 2-5 rep range.

Do you think creatine is any good for increasing strength?

I woud answer that with a big at YES. I use Gaspari's SizeOn Maximum Performance, I take it 8 weeks out from a contest, with my pre workout drink SuperPump MAX. I always feel much stronger after using creatine for a few weeks, more so on the compound lifts.

Do you think negatives are a good way to increase my strength?

Being a powerlifter I concentrate all my energies in to my technique, I don't really worry about the negative portion of the lift. I tend to worry more about applying maximum pressure to get the weight shifting in the first place. That being said negatives can be applied to any exercise to help shock your muscles. Using the bench press as an example - you will load the bar with a weight that is about 10kg heavier than your one rep max. Most of us will agree that singles help improve strength because you overload your muscles with heavy poundages that your body is not used to. Based on the same principle, if you do negative sets with even more than your max weight you will overload your muscles even further.

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