November Q&A With Carly Thornton!

Can you recommend a workout for toning my legs and bum?

Box jumps, wide squats either on smith machine or on hack squat machine, mixture of glute kick backs, stepper and we cannot forget lunges, they are one of my favs!!!  I would do a cirucit based workout for all of these and repetitions of around 15-20 with 4 sets... always remember to warm up first of all and stretch after!!

As a lady what supplements should I be using for fat loss?

When I am dieting for a shoot or a show I use USN CLA with added green tea, Health Elments organic spirulina. I cannot highlight how much I love spirulina, it's not only great for weight control but an amazing anitoxidant that flushes toxins out of the body and helps bannish cellulite! As I am on the go all the time I find it hard to eat all prepared meals so I supplement with USN Diet Fuel Ultralean which also has added fibre to keep you fuller for longer!!

Is it OK to have a couple of chocolate bars a week and maybe an unhealthy meal or two? I am aiming to lose body fat, but I really enjoy some junk and think I would struggle to never have any.

Yes of course!! I would suggest having either one day of the week to treat yourself to whatever you want, or if this is not enough then why not stick to monday-friday and then enjoy a treat saturday and sunday, this way you then found a great balance between a healthy lifestyle and enjoying social activities with friends and family!!

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