Missing a Meal - The Ultimate Sin

Often you hear and read about nutrition and the importance of it. More to the point, you will hear that missing a single meal is an unforgivable crime especially if muscle mass and fat loss are your goals. Yet we hear a lot of things, so is this really such a big deal if you miss a meal occasionally? In a word, YES! Here are 4 compelling reasons why we at FitMag believe missing a single meal is scandalous!


Presuming you are eating every 3 hours or thereabouts, your insulin levels as well as your muscle glycogen levels will remain fairly steady. The amino acid feed from your blood stream into the muscle is also constant, preventing catabolism and promoting anabolism. Should you miss a meal your insulin levels drop, as do your blood sugar levels causing your cortisol levels to rise. Whilst insulin is a very anabolic hormone cortisol is very catabolic. With low insulin levels and high cortisol levels you’re in a very catabolic place. This is all because you missed one meal!


If you are catabolic of course you cannot be anabolic at the same time! To add muscle mass you absolutely need to remain anabolic for every second possible. Therefore you need to view every meal as a step towards your goal, another piece of the jigsaw. As each meal goes down your ‘anabolic chart’ is topped up. Your insulin levels are steady, as are your blood sugar levels, your muscle glycogen levels are full and your cortisol levels are low. Again, missing just one meal will throw all of this out of balance!


Eating meals is the key to keeping that metabolism rocking and rolling! Going for 4, 5 or 6 hours without a meal will yank the speed of your metabolism right down! If your metabolism is slow your body will not be efficient at burning body fat. This is only relevant to guys who want to get ripped? Not necessarily! If you gain body fat this will surely affect your ability to train hard, which does indeed have a negative effect on your ability to gain muscle mass!


If you miss a meal you will be dying for a quick fix, food which will satisfy this craving almost instantaneously! These foods are often high in sugar, which ironically drives your insulin levels through the roof in large amounts. Envisage this, you have missed a meal and now you are starving. You scoff down a huge bowl of cereal or maybe some toast and bam your insulin levels go up! Now, your body is in a place where it will store the sugar as body fat! Again, this has a negative effect on your long term goals as an athlete.

There are four prime examples as to why missing just one feeding interval will draw you back like you never knew! Sure, there are things which come up in everyday life which means it can be hard to eat on time, all of the time. However, to ensure you never miss a meal carry meal replacement bars on you wherever you go! That’s in your car, in work, in your gym bag, at your girl friends house and so on! Follow the link below to FitMag’s favourite meal replacement bars!

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