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It seems to me that everywhere in the media today there are battles between people trying to teach about fit and healthy lifestyles and others doing the total opposite. You can be watching a shopping channel selling you an abmaster pro to change the channel to a pizza hut advert. It appears that the side of anti-fitness (as I will call it) is winning. There are hundreds of adverts for McDonalds, pizza hut, KFC, Cadburys, chocolaty cereals and a myriad of other high calorie foods that are in your face all day subliminally tempting people to eat these kinds of things.


But fast food adverts aren’t the end of it. I was watching TV the other day and there was a programme called “fat and proud” where women were showing off their fat lifestyles as though they should be proud of themselves. Now I am a strong believer that everyone should be self confident and low self esteem is a serious problem for some people that I would never wish on anyone so I’m happy that these women are happy. However making a programme about why it’s ok to be fat is not going to help the general health of the nation and wont help with the obesity crisis in the UK at the moment. Obesity is costing the NHS millions each year and it would appear the problem is growing. There are a number of programmes where you see obese people going for gastric band surgeries, liposuction and many other costly procedures rather than dieting and working hard. This is just strengthening the lazy attitude of a growing population of obese people who will say that diet and exercise doesn’t work for them then get a costly surgery when the time comes.


I feel that the media can do a lot to help get the nation fitter and healthier. Programmes like the biggest loser where contestants go on there, work hard, eat right and show what can be done through hard work are extremely motivating. I personally know one of the guys who have won that show and it’s turned his life around. He’s now a personal trainer and extremely fit. Programmes like this shown at prime time will help massively to raise awareness of what can be achieved even with people who feel like there is no hope. I remember when I was young and programmes like worlds strongest man were on at prime time on normal TV. These guys inspired me to train and now they are on at crazy times on a low viewing channel.


With the Olympics next year I feel a lot can be done by the media to really get people motivated and involved in fitness over the next year. This will be a huge part of the media soon and I am really looking forward to seeing its effect on the nation.


So I urge you to avoid watching programmes that make you feel lazy and as though it’s ok to be unhealthy and eat fast food. Turn the channel over to something motivational and it will subliminally motivate you to train, eat right and be healthy. There are loads of great programmes out there like this so take the time to watch a few and you will be determined to get in the gym in no time.

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