Mass Gaining this Winter - Supplement Myth Buster!

As the third and final part of our ‘Mass Gaining this Winter’ myth buster series, we are going to outline the most common mistakes people make in regards to supplementation. Nutrition is the kingpin of any athlete’s progress, along with correct training and of course genetics. However, supplementation plays a much bigger part than many people seem to think, and we are talking more than just protein shakes.

Nothing but protein

Agreed, protein is probably the most important supplement you can use throughout the day. With a handful of different blends required for different times of the day, you would be forgiven for thinking that protein is all you need to mass gain. Negative. Unfortunately a huge proportion of gym goers overlook the importance of supplements such as BCAAs, L-Glutamine, Multivitamins and EFAs. These supplements can go a long way to ensuring you remain anabolic, protecting you from catabolism. If muscle mass is your goal then catabolism is something you must take every step possible to combat, and you can start with the supplements mentioned above. Do not forget the importance of such supplements!


The mass gaining phase of the year most of us find ourselves in often leads to the misuse of supplementation. More specifically the timing in which people take their supplements during the day. The ‘get them down’ approach seems to be rife, yet it certainly isn’t productive. Be certain that you are taking each supplement as it is supposed to be taken! It is no use just taking them and expecting them to work. They come with usage instructions for a reason, utilise this and watch the results follow!

Over usage

Often you will find many gym monkeys will start to use a lot more than a product advises, based on the fact that they want to grow. However, what they fail to realise is that by taking too much the supplement can become counter productive. Take a pre-workout formula for instance. If you are supposed to take 1 scoop and you take 4, your body is going to become so immune to the effects that it no longer benefits you. Your cortisol levels will take off through the roof because of the stress on your body, making you catabolic! Don’t be tempted to take more and more, stick to the guidelines if your serious about growing!

Only supplements matter

To finish off, remember that supplements do exactly what they say on the tin. They ‘supplement’ your diet. Therefore this winter when you are mass gaining ensure that your diet is in place first! This is probably the single biggest mistake most people make with supplementation, they fail to feed the correctly which basically prevents the supplements from working!

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