Grenade and Reflex Nutrition Superstar Shane Raymond Talks With FitMag!

Natural bodybuilding hasn’t in past years carried the same status as mainstream bodybuilding; however this is changing all the time. With more and more impressive natural athletes hitting the stage people are beginning to follow this sport more than ever. Our guest today, Grenade athlete Shane Raymond, owns one of the most impressive natural physiques in the world! From head to toe the guy packs muscle mass and thickness so many could only dream of with perfect proportions and symmetry to kill for.

Back in March where I first met Shane at the British Grand Prix & Fitness Expo I was blown away by his barn door back, and when I found out he was natural I was even more blown away. Shane is certainly somebody who you guys should look up to and be inspired by, who wouldn’t want a physique like this?


Let’s get the ball rolling! Shane, thank you for joining us mate to share with us your advice and experience. Having met a lot of athletes you really are one of the most inspiring guys I have ever spoken to!


Thanks for having me on FitMag, I really appreciate it!

To start us off Shane, what got you into training?

I originally started training just to get in reasonable shape when I was about 17, but as the years went by I managed to put on a lot of muscle very quickly due to the genetics I was gifted with.

You sure do have gifted genetics!!! When did you decide you wanted to build the physique you have to day?

It was after about a good seven or so years of just training for fun when I realised that I had the potential to build an outstanding physique after hearing good comments from people, but at the time I didn't know just how great my potential was , I still don' t today. So I started to take my training and diet seriously, well a least that's what I thought at the time until I started competing 3 years ago.

What is your background and what have you achieved?

I'm a natural bodybuilder, and I won a British title in my first year of competing. Below are my results as a bodybuilder since I began competing.

BNBF 2009 central novice champion

BNBF 2009 central overall champion        

NPA 2009 south east 2nd place

NPA 2009 south east best presentation

BNPF British championships 2009 4th place

NPA British championships 2009 1st place

BNPF central 2010 heavy weight champion

BNPF central 2010 best presentation

I'm also a team Grenade model/athlete and a Reflex nutrition sponsored athlete.

You have accomplished so much on the stage. How have things changed since you started? What advice could you give to beginners who are reading this?

Not a lot has changed for me really (apart from my size!!!) but I have learned a lot about training and nutrition by reading lots of articles on line and in magazines. I have also learnt a lot about my own body, for example, how it responds to certain training programmes and diets. The best advice I could give to a beginner is to:

Read and listen to as much advice as possible

. Look for similarities in people’s views on training and nutrition (a lot of information can be conflicting, and following advice which conflicts can be counter productive)

. Put together a simple training/ nutrition plan and stick to it keeping log books, and if you’re making gains don't change it, only change it when gains have slowed down or stop. Don’t change a lot at once. Keep the changes gradual so you can monitor the progress!

. Set your self possible targets and give every training session 100% for fast gains

. Most of all make sure you enjoy doing it

Great advice mate!!! If you were to go back in time, what would you have done differently from the start?

I would have got my nutrition on point from the start, if your diet isn't right your time down the gym is wasted.

Did you hear that guys? Take this on board; nutrition is the kingpin of all your results! What kind of training did you use from the start, and what do you use today?

When I first started training I only trained chest, shoulders and arms and spent hours down the gym. Today I train all body parts and my sessions are shorter. I tend to use a 3 week cycle training programme which consist of pre – exhaust, heavy and volume training methods using heavy weights with basic movements.

What exercises do you rate and why?

Compound lifts such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press and squats because they are great mass builders.

What did your diet look like from the start and what does it look like today?

My diet today consists of, oats, whey, chicken, turkey, steak, salmon, brown rice, oranges, grapefruit, banana, sweet potatoes and casein.

As a youngster I was brought up on pretty much the same foods that I eat today, the only thing different is that I now monitor my intake of micro nutrients a lot more.

How important is a good diet?

I would have said a good diet is 70% of what builds a great physique! You are what you eat! We hear this saying all of the time but it’s as simple as that.

Why are Grenade the best fat burners?

I believe Grenades are the best fat burners mainly because of the quality of the individual ingredients that are used to produce grenades. Grenade use a combination of the most high quality fat burning ingredients i.e. green tea extract, bitter orange peel extract out there today. Not only can Grenade be used for stripping stubborn fat, it can also be used as a pre-workout energiser. I honestly believe that this product is the strongest fat burner that natural athletes can take on the market today and will be for a very long time. The results speak for themselves!

Judging by your condition, they must work! What supplements do you use?

I like to use a lot of the Reflex Nutrition range. Below are the supplements I use the most.

Reflex Instant Whey

Reflex Micellar Casein

Reflex L- glutamine

Reflex Creapure creatine

Reflex BCAAs

Reflex ZMA

Reflex Nexgen Multi-Vitamin

Grenade for fat burning and for pre-workout



To get full range of Reflex Nutrition products, as used by Shane Raymond, please follow the link provided below!

Top 5 must have supplements for beginners?










Grenade (for burning fat)


How important are supplements to the average gym goer?

I believe the average gym goer should be at least taking the top 5 supplements, to aid muscle repair, growth and strength because these are the reasons why we lift weights, it doesn't make sense not to!  

Great point mate! How does living a healthy lifestyle affect other parts of your life?

I believe nothing great comes without some sort of sacrifice, but I don’t think it affects other parts of my life that much at all. I just look at it as this is my life and I'm living it the way I want to, it’s normal to me! You just have to be organised and it’s easy. Don’t get me wrong I only stick to my diet 90% of the time in the off season, but come show time I functions like a robot!!! It’s like I'm programmed to eat a certain way until I reach that date!

What are your future goals?

I believe in setting myself almost impossible targets to reach so I keep motivated and keep giving it 100% down the gym. Saying that I would have to say I would like to be known as one of the best lifetime natural bodybuilders that ever lived and winning a world title! This may never happen but I can say I tried and that I have built a respectable physique doing so!               

Where can FitMag readers contact you?

They can contact me on Facebook! Get in touch!

Shane thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us your highly valued advice and experiences!

My pleasure Ad, thanks very much having me!

FitMag readers please take heed of what Shane said in this interview. You only need to look at his physique to respect the fact that he knows what he is talking about. The saying ‘learn from your mistakes’ is outdated, instead ‘learn from other people’s mistakes’ is more applicable here! Shane has built a world beating physique, he has made the common mistakes to get there, so fast rack your gains by avoiding them through Shane’s advice!!!  

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