DIY - Bulgarian Training Bag!

Hi folks, today I will be talking about the Bulgarian training bag I recently made. Often you will see these used in strength and conditioning circuits, and you can buy them from several different retailers. However I thought it would be more interesting to make one myself and share the experience with you. Here is how it went –

. First of all I had to source an inner tube from a care tire (bought from EBay for £8)

. Then I cut a small section out of it, making sure the section I cut out was the bit with the air nozzle in it

. One end of the bag is now secured. This is done by simply folding one of the sides in and then in again, securing it with a cable tie. You need to leave about 5 inches of rubber at the end, as this will be your handle

. Now you can begin to fill the bag up. I used compost because it is compact and isn’t too heavy. Initially I didn’t want something too heavy like sand, however when I want to make it heavier all I have to do is snip the cable ties, empty the bag and fill it with the new material of choice

. Once you have successfully filled the bag and packed all the compost down you can secure the other end, using the same method as you need for the first.

. With both ends tied up it is near enough finished. The tails of the cable ties are snipped off and the ‘handles’ are wrapped in duct tape. This gives the handles a more comfortable finish, which makes using the bag easier. It is now finished! Time to get using it!

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