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Food, food and food is what being an athlete is all about. If you don’t focus on your food then your efforts in the gym are in vain, as is your supplement use! As we have discussed on many occasions, sticking to a diet can be very challenging for a lot of people, especially those with heavy commitments. However, having seen so many people stick to their diet even when the odds are stacked so greatly against them I feel there really is no excuse anymore! Here are 5 top tips which should hold you in good stead to never miss a meal again!

Protein sachets

This is a relatively old tip which we promote time and time again, and there is a very good reason for that! This tip WORKS! Make sure you always keep protein powder sachets on you in the glove box of your car, gym bag, in the kitchen, at your partner’s house and even in the work place. This way whatever unexpected drama comes your way, you can avoid missing a meal! In fact, at we make it so easy for you because we actually have ‘try before you buy’ sachets available! To get your sachets follow the link below!


Top Tip – as you know oats and protein powder make for an extremely tasty snack. They also combine to make an almost perfectly balanced meal for any athlete. With that said, a lot of fast food outlets stock oats even if they are not on their menu! So be cheeky and ask for a cup of oats and some hot water! You will be surprised how many places will be more than happy to oblige!


Frozen food

Your missus wants to go away for a few days and stay in a nice hotel. Great! However, this is no excuse to stop thinking about your physique. Don’t panic, just pack a cooler bag with meal sized portions of frozen chicken and rice which you have divided into freezer bags. Put freezer blocks in the bag to help keep the food frozen and request that a fridge is to be put in your hotel room if there isn’t one!

Top Tip - If they question you, you are ‘diabetic’ and NEED it for your insulin. They won’t be so inclined to challenge you on such a sensitive subject. Now you have plenty of food for your stay and somewhere to keep it refrigerated!


Many people think because they are going to a foreign country they can longer control their diet! Why is this I do not know! Almost every country will have very successful athletes, bodybuilders, sprinters and other sports men and women who ALL have to eat well. Therefore being abroad is no excuse for poor food choices. Before you go, Google the area you are going to and find out what kind of food they do and don’t eat. From here you can prepare your diet according to what is going to be available!

Top Tip – base your diet for going abroad on easy to prepare foods if possible. Rice, pasta and oats are normally in abundance most places you will ever visit. Tinned fish and eggs are also convenient protein sources and most places around the world will have these in local supermarkets!


So you are going to a work meeting which you absolutely are obliged to attend and you really have to eat with the company as well! As you glance at the menu there is nothing which you are allowed. Please do not be shy to request what you DO require from the staff. If there is a chicken and rice dish for example, then they have the ingredients. Just say you cannot have any sauce with it. Mix and match foods on the menu to suit your requirements, most places will accommodate this if you ask politely! I for one do this ALL the time!

Top Tip – if ever the staff are reluctant to help you out then just say that you cannot risk eating sauces due to a sever food allergy you have. They wouldn’t want anything to do with you feeling unwell because of their food!

This is really all about controlling your environment and taking control. There is probably once in a thousand times where you legitimately cannot get a suitable meal in, but even then you should IF you keep your protein powder on you!

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